our picnic at the lake: part two


it's always windy at the lake. so eventually i had to put on a thicker coat.
i can't seem to get over how quiet it was here. it's an expansive silence.
a silence that you know if you had more time to listen you might have a poetic epiphany about life.
i just wanted to breathe. to be quiet as well. i wanted to look with my uneducated eyes.
it's times like these i wish i would have found an interest in biology earlier in life.
but now is never too late...i will observe as a child observes, and maybe one day i'll
have names to put on the phenomena i see, hear, and feel. 

am so grateful for access to wildness.

it's monday now. one of those great mondays where you feel motivated,
like you're ready to move forward with life, approaching obstacles with
confidence that you will get through them.

{p.s. am feeling nostalgic for a sunny day up at the cabin thanks to marte!}


Kristina said...

such beautiful landscape!! breathtaking!

stephanie claire said...

i had one of those kind of mondays too... grateful for quiet. grateful for the walk.

beautiful photos.

Elisabeth said...

Stunning photos here, Ann Marie. Rebecca Solnit's words cap it off alongside your own wonderful and tender writing. Thanks.

jane said...

really beautiful.... :)

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

This makes me feel nostalgic too! You know, I loove winter and I finally got snow outside my window.. but when I see pictures like these and Martes, I can't wait for spring with a little more sun and colours!
Nevertheless; outside my window I can find that absolutely wonderful and peaceful silence you're writing about and I'm grateful for that :)

jen said...

Beautiful pics, as always! Is your bag a Filson canvas bag? I have the gray version and love it!

Rim said...

How do You anage to found places like that near You?.. That's fantastic.

the wild magnolia said...

"We are always within a mystery...." I agree with this.
"Many people nowadays live in a series of interiors..."
I agree with this.

There is stillness and peace in these photos. And too, there is stark cold, winter landscapes. Good job.

I would love to have the names associated with these quotes. Being of advanced age I am unable to read them. Thank you so much.

Have a wonderful wander about today.

tinyparticlesoflight said...

I feel like I can experience the stillness of this place just through these photos - I really love the layers of texture in the third one.


sweet harvest moon said...


Ann Marie said...

jen, yes! the bag is a filson canvas bag. LOVE it.

the quotes are by wendell berry & rebecca solnit.

so glad you all love this landscape as i do :)

Windsongs and Wordhoards said...

Amazing pictures... what a place! Glad to have just discovered your blog here...
Carrie... :)

Yvette said...

BEAUTIFUL photographs! Loving your "pages."