one of the best ways to experience a snowstorm: invite friends over for a little bonfire, smores, conversation, and lots of laughing


click here to listen to a good campfire song...

just last weekend i wanted to take advantage of the falling snow
so we invited a few friends over for a potluck bonfire.
we caught up with friends who just delivered their first baby in a gas-station parking lot,
heard plans and dreams from another who wants to design technical gear for women (yes!),
questioned our nurse practitioner/dermatologist about all of our skin questions,
tried to keep our hands free of sticky marshmallows while avoiding smoke in our eyes,
retreated into the house to write limericks (some successful, and some very successful in their unsuccess),
and a promise to gather again soon.

hooray for snow. hooray for winter. hooray for friends.


tinyparticlesoflight said...

Oh my goodness - I'm getting a little hung up on the untold story of your friends delivering their baby in a parking lot!! Sounds like a wonderful short story.

happy weekend!


amy said...

A gas station parking lot!! That takes all! I love it!

Have I told you of my friend who delivered her baby, quite by accident, on the kitchen? I begged her to give the baby Cozina, which means kitchen in Arabic, for a middle name. She is half-Moroccan, and isn't Cozina a cute name anyway? Like being named Cozy!

I sort of want to have a baby someplace dramatic. As if having a baby isn't dramatic enough, I know, but a gas station parking lot?! I'd tell that start eighty times a day.

SARAH said...

limericks and s'mores - such a good winter pick-me-up in these dreary days!

Sara said...

Does indeed sound like a wonderful way to experience a snowstorm. We haven't had enough snow up here this year.

Angy is my name. said...

Well i'd love to say that I'm happy for you but I'm afraid i'm having a rather selfish and childish response to your post... you see we're experiencing a heatwave in Perth... it's just so Yuk and your weather looks so Yum.... sigh...

The Egg said...

wait, what? your friends delivered a baby in a gas station!?

xox the egg out west.

Mo said...

Yeah...I cheated. Mine wasn't technically a real limerick, per se, but it was so good.
Not to brag or anything.

Ann Marie said...

Yes! For reals. A baby in the parking lot. They were speeding to the hospital, and they didn't make it in time. They had to pull over into the gas station, call 911, and they delivered it themselves. The ambulance showed up and carted them off to the hospital to get that sweet babe under some heat lamps. Everything went surprisingly well :)

p.s. Mo, your limericks are always amazing.