the story of our wild mountain pine : part two {the trimming}


every year my christmas wish is the same thing: to find a "charlie brown" tree.
there's something so heart-warming about finding the skinniest, most withered, lonely tree in the lot.
these days with tree farms all the rage, and the fact that it's illegal to go out to the woods
and cut my own tree makes it difficult to find an imperfect tree. sometimes i get so exhausted
of our obsession with perfection, you know?

so we found this skinny little tree, the most imperfect in the whole lot.
it grabbed our hearts, and we took it home with us.

our trimming party of course involved listening to our favorite holiday tunes,
and the hanging of my grandma's ornaments from the 1960's.
but this year we had some new traditions to add to trimming the tree:

first of all, ceej surprised me with a lovely snowflake ornament he picked
up in germany at the christmas market in munich.
he also surprised me with a tasty gingerbread treat from germany: lebkuchen.
once all the ornaments were in place we sat down to drink some
hot millk from our finnish wooden mugs (a gift from this lovely lady),
and i enjoyed my first bite ever of lebkuchen. i definitely think this will be a tradition.

we ended our night dancing with ella. does it get more magical than this?

{p.s. ceej made those ornaments he's holding when he was three! so cute!}


Marilyn Miller said...

this is indeed magical. Love those cups and your Charlie Brown tree.

Petra Stu said...

You have the PERFECT tree! :D

Cassie said...

That last photo says it all. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree.

Cassie said...

That last photo says it all. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree.

samantha ramage said...

what an adorable charlie brown tree. it looks like you're covered in glow and the dark stars in that last shot!


ps. check out my giveaway!

Jennifer Richardson said...

soaking it in,
this peaceful satisfaction
and joyful simplicity.
Soothes my heart smiling
and I thank you:)

Anonymous said...

those cups are INSANE. beautiful.

Anita said...

So darling! I love it!

Annesya said...

lovely... I love how you create a warm atmosphere... :)

Angy is my name. said...

Ok- I know it would be weird and all to impose on your beautiful (romantic... sigh) Trimming Tradition but I think I could be so rude as to do so after perusing these beautiful images... sigh... ..... :-)

G said...

Oh! Oh! I love this. And... you answered all the questions I was asking as I scrolled through the lovely pictures. All but one - is that an advent cupboard on your side table? I saw something similar in a shop recently and was wondering what all that was about. :)

Your tree is so beautiful. Well done both of you!

The Egg said...

this is cutest post ever!!!

xoxo the egg out west.

Being Julia said...

Reading your blog is like walking into some dreamy love story. Your photos are so intimate and and create the most delicious mood. I love visiting your posts...and I love how you make your house so cozy...
Thanks for sharing!

nacherluver said...

I'm scrolling down falling more and more in love with that tree as I go thinking to myself, "why can't we ever find a tree like that?" and then I read about your yearly search. Not a Charlie Brown tree at all. A lovely, lovely Christmas tree! And those mugs!!!! Fun!

tinyparticlesoflight said...

Charlie Brown trees really are the very best! What a wonderful tree-trimming time - and such thoughtful gifts from your guy!


Kara said...

Absolutely LOVE this post!

Leslie said...

i so adore your little tree...

Jenni Austria Germany said...

oh my word. i just discovered your blog and i love it so much. i'm drooling over the photos in every single post.

(does this sound like the most generic comment ever? yes. i promise it's not!)

Anonymous said...

It looks so magical :) Those mugs are awesome. I really loved this post!

Sarahbeth said...

pretty much the most romantic thing ever. love those mugs!

Caro said...

When I saw those wooden cups, I knew immediately, they must be finnish ones. In Finland we call them "kuksa", pronounce like 'kuksah'. Old word and old artefact.

By the way, I like your blog very much. Beauty, nature, litterature. Yes!