preparing for the big day : yarn, twine, twigs, brown paper, citrus and handwritten notes


oh how i am enjoying a little break from teaching. i can finally get to all the projects i've been
wanting to start or finish. hooray for a hand-made christmas! (hopefully the recipients feel the same).
the days have been wonderfully gloomy--the kind of weather i hope for when i gather
all my yarn about me with a cup of tea or cocoa and listen to my fave holiday classics.
cozy just doesn't have the same feeling when it's sunny and hot outside.
am so happy to be living in a place that has all four seasons again. it's been oh so liberating. i like change indeed.

am so grateful that i've been able to avoid busy shopping areas this year.
it has made gift-giving such a rejuvenating experience. 
i love that my days are spent at home, relaxing, going at my own pace.
and i can hardly wait to get all of these projects wrapped...sort of the icing on the cake.

hoping today to get to the little baking i've been wanting to do: 
gingerbread today; shortbread the next day; and homemade custard egg nog for thursday.

love this time of year.


nacherluver said...

What a warm and wonderful post! Love the yarn, the colors, the decorations. Your home must be so cozy. Glad you are enjoying your time off. Homemade holidays sure are beautiful.

stephanie said...

All these photos make me want to be at home working with yarn and enjoying a warm beverage. I hope you are enjoying your time!

The Egg said...

wow, sounds like you did it right this year. very stress free! i'm running around like a mad woman trying to get back to ohio tomorrow!

Kristina said...

I am sure all of the recipients will love what you did for them! From what I can see on the pictures, it looks amazing!! Happy Holidays!

Sea Angels said...

Stunningly beautiful post
Lynn xx

Being Julia said...

I love your post and pictures...
I don't know how you do it! Both in real life and in your posts! There is a feeling of calm. It is like walking into a spa for the heart!

Happy Winter Solstice!