my own backyard lothlorien


it's been tricky getting myself out of bed and out the door these mornings--
my inclination is hibernation. these short cozy days are meant for snuggling in bed.
my snooze button has been getting frequent use, and every now and then my
bed beats my running shoes to my heart. 

but i'm always happy with what i choose: bed or fresh air. 
the other morning i was especially pleased that fresh air won out:
i finally had the frosty morning of fog that i have been dreaming of for weeks.
as i stepped out the door i felt that i had truly stepped into the forest of lothlorien:
this winter was not threatening nor a death, but something truly fresh, poignant, and magical.
definitely worth getting out of a nice warm bed for...and of course, i didn't even notice the cold.

i'm off to enjoy more frosty days as we approach the darkest day of the year, which is really my favorite day of the year.


bigBANG studio said...

i HEAR YOU about bed vs. running shoes these days. but i have no lothlorien to dazzle; it's warm like april here in new york. it's crazy, i tell you. downright crazy.

(ps- my studio is up on the makers project today...come visit!)

Anonymous said...

just love your posts. our scenery is south Derbyshire, and inspiring too.

beth said...

okay...i kind of envy you and these photos....kind of :)

we have been cold, but not really frosty cold....well, maybe if i had been up and out at 4am or so....

i know our frost and snow will come, so for now i wait and thank my lucky stars that at least the shopping that must be done, is done without snow boots on :)

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

So, so beautiful Ann! I miss frost! Now everything is green again and mild, and I cannot wait for more snow and cold to come our way:)

Leslie said...

so glad you made it out to capture this beauty to share... and i'm loving the tolkien you paired with it.

Taylor Kitto / The Little Deer said...

Just found your blog and fell in love. You capture the earths beauty so wonderfully.
Can't wait to see more!

tinyparticlesoflight said...

Oh, Lothlorien! One of my most favorite places... your backyard is truly magical!