food, magic, & hearts


last friday we {marte, mercedes, and i} got together for a little photo shoot
in my wild backyard. after a few hours of working we noticed that 
our brains were slowing down, and our energy was dipping...
so we brought out lunch: bread, cheese, honeycomb, balsamic vinegar, apples, and pears.
i could have this meal all day every day. it never gets old.

we spoke to each other from the heart once
our bellies had some food in them, and our blood sugar was up again.
there were intentions of getting back to work, but the afternoon
was so lovely that we never got around to all of the other fabulous
ideas that had been flowing earlier. it's nice to take advantage
of a lovely fall afternoon with dear friends. 
i will never forget this meal. ever.

this morning i am thinking of magic, and how my heart often aches
for a bit of magic...some days i'm better at creating a magical world
than other days. today is one of those down days
where i ask myself so many questions, trying to get at what is
keeping me from experiencing the hopes and dreams that are in my heart.
i keep listening to interviews with and speeches by this woman
she really is quite amazing...and quite inspiring.
so today i'll keep digging into my heart and soul to find a way
to bring a little more magic into my life.

{see marte's post about our picnic here}


samantha ramage said...

where does one procure a honeycomb?


Ann Marie said...

Hey Samantha!

I stumbled upon my honeycomb at a local, small, gourmet grocer.

Good luck finding one. That honeycomb was absolute divinity!

Anita said...

Beautiful...simply beautiful!

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

if there really is a heaven, it would look and taste exactly like these photos. perfection.

Lesley Austin said...

Dear Ann Marie,
I've just recently discovered your blog and am so enjoying my visits here. Your writing and photographs speak to the heart.

I just watched a tv movie about J.K. Rowling and was unexpectedly moved by it and am keeping it to watch again.

Wishing you well with finding/creating more enchantment in your days.

tinyparticlesoflight said...

It is truly wonderful to have friends like these! And that honeycomb looks truly amazing.


LMT said...

Your little picnics are like those I imagine in novels. Lovely!

Cobalt Violet said...

Well, it looks like magic! I am looking for a bit of it myself right now!
LOVELY photos!

Jo Waterhouse said...

Nice bit of Comte, probably not a necessary comment at all but just proud of my cheese geekery.
Beautiful blog, really enjoy it.

Ann Marie said...


It was a delicious bit of Comte! I am no cheese expert, and never could have guessed just by seeing a photo of it...well done!

Akvilina said...

Such beautiful photos! Perfect!

Akvilina said...

Such beautiful photos! Perfect!

louise and nivaldo de lima said...

What a great speech that was. Thank you for sharing. The lunch looks delicious too!

Anonymous said...

Great great photos. I'm on my way to yours for lunch!!