a birthday in the desert


this weekend we celebrated cj's birthday in the desert with friends.
we're pretty happy that good friends have moved back to the state;
to a beautiful small town in the middle of our favorite desert.

the desert is incredible in autumn:
golden leaves, red rock, and blue skies {at least they were blue before an awesome storm blew in}.
it was so nice to have a nice home to retire to every night,
where a fire warmed us, and we enjoyed indian cuisine and a chocolate cake made of the best of dreams.

we were happy to take our time with everything:
we woke up when we were ready after a late night of talking talking talking,
breakfast lasted at least a couple of hours as we cooked, talked, and interviewed a midwife {not for ceej & i}.
we finally got out the door and took a little stroll through the desert.
the light was so heavenly...i was glad to be on this earth with such dear people.
it truly was a miracle. a once-in-a-lifetime miracle that will never be repeated.
i love how miraculous this life is. truly amazing.

ceej had a perfect birthday weekend {according to his reports}
and we are enjoying our weekday routines.
so very grateful to have ceej in my life. he makes it magical and real.
happy birthday, ceej.

hope you and yours are enjoying all of your little miracles.

{p.s. i'm starting to teach yoga classes again this week. click here for details}


Anonymous said...

My birthday was on Saturday. Happy new year to Ceej!

Your blog is such a pleasant way to spend time online. Beautiful words and images--my favorite combination!

Lindsey Briggs said...

I love the magic in your life. beautiful!

bigBANG studio said...

happy birthday to your wonderful fella- these desert shots in late fall are making me SO homesick. also, p's birthday was on the 12th! big hugs to you guys.


Anita said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Ceej! Sounds like it was absolutely heavenly!

Tonia said...

I love that quote from Barbara Kingsolver! I have a variation of it that says: "the most you can do is live inside that hope, running down it's hallways, touching the walls on both sides".
Am just beginning to touch the walls.