this is what fall tastes like : apple-cider doughnuts


when we lived in california we escaped the heat into the hills...
to apple hill where we would fill up on the freshest and yummiest
apple-cider doughnuts. we'd order a dozen, and eat half of them
on a picnic table in the orchard...the rest we ate the next day at home.

since we've moved back to utah i haven't taken the time to find
a place we could go to buy apple-cider doughnuts
{if you know of a place let us know!}.
so we decided we must learn to make our own, and bring
this fall-time treat to our salivating mouths wherever we live.

i searched the web and found a few good recipes that i thought we could handle.
it was a relatively simple recipe, but is a bit time-consuming
{I think I started at 2:30 and finished around 5:00...we did double the recipe though!}.

i had some good help too: ceej, my mom, and my ten-year-old nephew.
my nephew dubbed himself the "glaze-master" and whipped up more glaze
when we were running low, and perfected his own technique of drizzling the glaze
on the fresh hot doughnuts...i think he'll be going to culinary school one day.

i consumed at least five myself. they were good. really good.
next time i think we'll try a new recipe as we journey to find the perfect apple-cider doughnut.

get the recipe HERE


Tiffany Kadani said...

I'm heading up to Apple Hill this weekend and I cannot wait to get my apple donuts!
I love these photos of you! So happy and wonderful.

samantha ramage said...

omg. these look like heaven. apple cider donuts are the only reason why my family goes apple picking!


Vintage Jane said...

They look deeelicious. We NEED the recipe! M x

Caroline said...

This post is simply amazing!! I love Apple Hill too by the way and have never had the apple cider doughnuts sooo you have given me fuel for my next trip. Loved this post!

Ann Marie said...

all of you californians need to go to apple hill for me!

Vintage Jane, here's the link to the recipe

they really are heavenly!

Season said...

I am so jealous!!! I have been wanting an apple cider donut, even though I've never even tried one, ever since Smitten Kitchen posted those. But I don't have the courage to deep fry. Wish I lived near you to have one of yours, or near Apple Hill. Hope all is well!

sarah sample said...

I miss you and I want one of these yummy treats. Let's plan a date soon!

Taryn said...

Looked like it made for a beautiful day. yum yum =)

Ann Marie said...


You don't need a deep fryer! I just used a big deep pot and filled it only three inches with oil...worked fine ;)

Angy is my name. said...

Ooooh... I fear I may come across a tad unscrupulous, a smidgen greedy and just a wee bit gluttonous if that tray were presented before me!

Simply So Good said...

You're so dang cute.