we've been in the mountains day after day after day...


ceej and i have been going up to our mountains often since i've been back.
this is why i love living can't match this backyard.
we went straightway to my favorite place as soon as we had rested from our travels home;
i took my grandpa here since he and celia jane have moved in with my mom;
we brought friends here for a lovely picnic on a stormy night.
this place will never grow old. it's always refreshing and rejuvenating.

i started coming here in high school when i would feel lonely.
i brought walt whitman with me and i read aloud.
i could hear the music of words and it brought me peace
to sit among the trees and the cliffs and to hear deliberate words
roll off of my very own tongue and beyond my lips.
i will always find refuge here.

ceej and i just returned from grand teton national park
and are looking forward to a day of relaxing around home together.
hope you've been having a lovely holiday weekend.

will be back with more photos from our england adventure.


the wild magnolia said...

Your time has not been wasted. When you are in the mountains, and share words and photo, I am in the mountains. Hah! Wonder of wonders.

Thank you for sharing.

Katie said...

Beautiful pics!!

Shelby said...

Vey beautiful pictures, but what's up in that last one?

G said...

I've so enjoyed your English travels and have felt very nostalgic for my native land. But when I see these mountains, I remember why North America (specifically Canada is my home now). All your posts and photographs are works of art. But, then, you're an artist. :)

Lisa said...

what an amazing backyard:)

Unknown said...

what an incredibly beautiful series! lovely.

Julie said...

Beautiful! So happy to live close to these mountains.

GailO said...

You do live in a beautiful spot!