fall began at the cabin...


a couple weekends ago ceej and i packed up our bikes
and headed for a day, a night, and a morning up at the cabin.
when we arrived i had all intentions of being lazily productive
by starting a knitting project and/or making some real
progress on my first {i know!} read-through of wuthering heights.
but, my stomach had other plans for me and so i got through the pain
by sleeping away my afternoon on the couch.
i really had to talk myself into getting up, changing my clothes,
and getting on my bike alongside ceej so we could ride
along one of the most scenic roads in the country. 
i'm soooo glad i made it. 
riding a bike on a country road at sunset is magical.
this trip was my first sighting of changing leaves...
too bad i didn't have the zoom lens on my camera to capture it for you all,
and too bad we didn't do any hiking so i could get a closer look.
anyway, we didn't get as far as we had planned on the bikes,
but we had an enjoyable ride anyway.

we drove into the closest small town and had dinner at the diner,
just barely making it in the doors fifteen minutes before they closed.
the next morning we made ourselves some cinnamon french toast
with fresh raspberries and maple syrup...delish!
and then we were off for home again.

i love little weekend getaways like this.
we won't be going anywhere this weekend,
but we'll be making halloween decorations with family,
and attempting to make apple-cider doughnuts for the first time!
anything planned for your first weekend of october?


kylie said...

ooo ooo ooo i wanna come :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

This looks so magical! Spending a weekend away with just you and your love is such a special thing. I'm headed off to San Diego. Can't wait!

ilwen said...

Such a cosy little place! On our first weekend of October we'll have the last (veggie) barbecue of the year to say goodbye to summer 2011, read spooky stories to get us in the mood for Halloween, collect chestnuts to make chestnut creatures and cycle through fields.

Angy is my name. said...

How magical. Lovely to experience such beauty vicariously through your images. Thank u for sharing :-)

Cobalt Violet said...

Charming! I am envious but you know, happy for you! ;)