london : parks, museums, and cathedrals


last sunday i spent the day in london again.
i took an early train out to spend some time wandering around.
i started in hyde park, slowly walking around taking in the sights and people-watching.
i made my way to the british museum...where i only had 45 minutes to explore!
sersiously. that place is full of treasures. and i have to admit that i was flying
through only a few rooms so quickly that i only think that i saw the rosetta stone at some point.
i'm definitely going to have to make another visit when my family comes to visit.

in the afternoon we had the opportunity to take an after-hours tour of st. paul's cathedral
with our professor (he's a lay canon there, giving his historical expertise).
i loved climbing the hundreds of stairs, first, to the whispering gallery:
who knew that walls could really talk?! it's incredibly magical.
we explored attic spaces and climbed to the very top of the dome
to get a view of all of london. so priceless.
we spiraled, literally, back down, and ended up in the crypt.
the lights were off which added to its haunting mood.
so many important people buried there (wren and mallais to name a couple).
one of my favorite architectural features were the floating stairs...seriously so harry potter.
you can actually take a pretty amazing virtual tour of the cathedral here.

hoping to finish a paper so i can do some more exploring this weekend:
possibly new forest national park and/or london again!


Shokoofeh said...

It's strange yet nice feeling to see a gorgeous piece of MY land in a BRITISH museum on YOUR blog.

Have a beautiful English time, dear Ann Marie. xo

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Looks like you're having a wonderful time there :)
Happy Weekend!

Jeanne said...

Very much enjoying your pictures and commentary on your experiences. What a wonderful opportunity! Jeanne with

GailO said...

I would so give up the British Museum for an after hours private tour of St Pauls!! Someday I hope to visit London:)

jmw said...

oooh, your pictures of the museum brought me right back to 1999 when I was there. Love me some mummies!

christina said...

a beautiful smile. i love this photo.