st ives {part one}


we made it to st ives. we didn't make it to tintagel (boo).
we tried to get to tintagel, but we missed our connecting bus
by, oh, 15 seconds! we tried to stop the bus, but they didn't seem
to think that it mattered much that we were on that bus. double boo.

but i quickly got over it and decided that i would move on
to st ives and its incredible beauty and the lovely sea air.
we got off the train and settled into our hotel on the hill on the bay.
we knew the hotel was going to be good when we tested out our beds. bliss indeed.

after we dropped off our bags we were off to explore the town.
we grabbed a bite to eat, making sure we could eat on a balcony
overlooking the bay and the town. everything was perfect.

i had to satisfy my ice cream craving almost immediately after dinner.
everywhere i looked people were wearing tank-tops (though i thought it still sweater-weather appropriate) and licking ice cream cones...i definitely had to have some cornish ice cream.
so i carefully picked out my flavors and had them in a lovely waffle cone.
we walked out to the shore to take in the view. and that's when it happened:

a seagull flew quite close to my head, and i thought "that bird almost hit me. i wonder if it can see alright?"
boy, was i naive. the bird quickly came back toward me, and before i knew it
my ice cream cone, the entire thing, was gone and in the beak of that bird!
and it just gets worse. that bird didn't even eat my ice cream cone...
he just dropped it into the sea. ah! what a bully. the next day i bought more ice cream
and ate it in a place far far away from those blasted gulls.

we spent the rest of the evening walking everywhere.
this place was the perfect little weekend vacation spot
where i could gather up my brain again to gear up
for my last two weeks here in school.

lots more photos of this trip to come.


Ness said...

Hi there!
I just found your blog as I was looking for ideas and ispiration! I searched for people who have said they like the book, 'The Little Prince' and I think I found your profile and blog! :) Beautiful pictures, similar to the style I am trying to go for!Although I have only recently started blogging..Keep up the lovely work!
Have a look at my blog:
Ines xxxx

Artemis Russell said...

Sorry for your ice cream loss, but that was hilarious!

Those gulls are cunning, but they dont like mirrors reflecting the sun, so keep a hand mirror handy if you are about to tuck into something! {I learnt this when i was at college in cornwall and a gull kept tapping at my bedroom window...EVERY DAY!}

Lovely photos too! x

the wild magnolia said...

Laughed out loud. Silly gull! So funny.

Great, wonderful, awesome photos!

I am loving your trip and sharing!

Thank you so much!

Frances said...

Oh Ann-Marie! St Ives is so beautiful..thanks for the lovely journey through it, never knew about it before.. and the seal/sea-lion in the pictures is like something from a selkie fairytale!

And wow! tintagel like in "the buccaners"! haha!

I like your black raincoat? dress? too in the pictures! do you mind sharing where it's from? thank you!

Ann Marie said...

Hey Frances!

The jacket is from JCrew...might still be online or in their sale section. I don't have good internet connection now so I can't check to see what it is called. Sorry I can't be more helpful :(