learning how to read churches and picking out my new house in the cotswolds (i wish)


last friday our little class of four went for a field trip
with our professor to gloucestershire (the cotswolds)
to see with our own eyes much of what we've been
discussing in class: the reformation.
it was incredible to see these churches, some dating
from the 13th century, fascinating to see how iconoclasts
destroyed roman catholic images, and how roman catholics
tried very hard to keep their altars and images safe,
often hidden and buried under ground for centuries.

we drove through the most beautiful countryside.
i wish i could have taken more photos as we drove
of the charmingly beautiful homes (which are supposedly
owned by rich londoners as second homes...hmmm).
there were some wonderful gardens along the way
that made me want to go knock at the door
and ask if i could have a cup of tea and just sit
out in the garden with a book.
it was amazing to drive near the castle where
elizabeth (i) spent much of her adolescent years. incredible.

we had thirty minutes to wander around one little
town at the end of our whirlwind scholarly tour.
my fave was the ice cream, the flower shop, the baskets
for sale, and the cute little post office.

wishing i had time to go back.
wishing i had courage to try driving through
this countryside...which i will have to do at some
point once ceej gets here in a few weeks.

loving this place. so so so much.


Unknown said...

So glad you are falling in love with England! Amazing how much history is both hidden and preserved under stone and paint in our churches. You can see in a post i did on Binham Priory in norfolk, the painted medieval saints reappearing on wooden screens under faded reformation psalms that had been painted over the saints - so, centuries later the saints arise from their painty graves!!
Funny seeing my name on that shop, my kids always point it out when we go past it en route west visiting friends the other side of Burford. X

kylie said...

enchanting + charming

you have the best school ever

the wild magnolia said...

These are such wonderful visits. I cannot imagine how exciting it is for you, I know from looking at these photos, it is thrilling, over the top.

Thank you, for sharing.

Howie said...

The interior of the churches are gorgeous! Love these older more humble places than the grandiose ones.

A said...

It's amazing how these buildings survive.

That's a beautiful little store window!

A said...

It's amazing how these buildings survive.

That's a beautiful little store window!

Ashley Sisk said...

These are so awesome - Love them!

Rhianne said...

I spent a few years growing up in the Cotswolds, I just love the brick there. if you have a chance visit bourton on the water - cutest place you've ever seen, and burford has an amazing sweet shop (hopefully its still there)

I'm loving seeing England through your eyes, it reminds me how much I love it myself...

Irene said...

He, is that the Budgen in Burford? We stayed nearby in Northleach, for holiday just a few weeks ago.
Lovely part of the UK!

onesilentwinter said...

gorgeous! i adore the one of the inside of the flower show.