oh my! we have babies!!!


yes, we have babies! three of them...and two more on the way.
we are proud hosts to this little family: our door wreath seems
to be the perfect hide-out for a little nest.

the only reason we found them quietly nesting here is
because every person who would come to our front door
would inform us that as soon as they knocked a little
bird came flying out of the wreath at we investigated.
two nights ago there were five little spotted blue eggs...

today, when i went to take pictures, i was surprised by
three little pinkish/feathery babes.

i whistled and they opened their precious little beaks,
their eyes not yet open.

we have become quite the protective hosts:
no one is allowed to use the front door for fear
of disturbing their little sanctuary.
we check on them to make sure the mother has
not fallen to some ill fate and that they are being
fed and kept warm.

can't wait to see them all grow up!
and i can't stop watching this little video...
until i check on them again tomorrow.

{p.s. they're little finches spotted eggs, red daddy, brown and streaked mama}


Dianne said...

This is one of the most exciting events. I have never seen a newborn baby bird. They are usually way up in a tree. I'm glad you are protecting them. Don't get too close. This is the best video ever and I saw the nest just before they hatched.

liv said...

so cute i want to cuss ann- of course you'd get a nest of baby birds on your front porch-

renata said...

Oh my they're so cute!! How lovely, i love how their mouths are open like... all the time, waiting for food! it's so cute!
Me and my boyfriend once found a dying bird in my parents' front door and we were so concerned that a dog or a cat could find him, so we took him to the backyard and let him rest near a jasmine tree with a botlle tap filled with water... The morning after he had passed away. It was sad but at least we gave him a nice place to lay.

jmw said...

oh! this made my day!!