i'm getting paranoid about traveling & the summer heat


i am having a hard time believing that i leave for oxford in 8 days. 8 days!
most of my time is spent reading reading reading...trying to prepare for
what i've heard could possibly be the most difficult of my summers at school.

there are two other things i'm a bit anxious about:

(1) what if england decides to have record heat this summer {since the rest of the world
has decided to have crazy weather}??? my body really, really, truly doesn't do well with any kind of heat {we hit 90 degrees yesterday and i panicked!}

{2}what's the best way to carry around my laptop and books? backpack? messenger bag? my fave leather bag?

here's how i'm trying to calm my anxieties:

(1) i've become scissor-happy, cutting old jeans that have become frayed at the hem {and i'm no longer so keen on such an exaggerated boot-cut}. i need as much breathing room as possible {even if england doesn't have record heat, i'm prepared for 90 degrees+ here in salt lake city}

(2) first, i decided i needed to make a laptop sleeve since i scratched this laptop up after only having it for a week...turns out just slipping it into my messenger bag isn't enough protection. and so now i am "testing" out all my different bags. i hate using backpacks because i hate the sweaty back result, but they are the most comfortable. i prefer messenger bags, but they can start to really weigh on my shoulder and back if i have to wear it for a long period. what would you take? backpack or messenger bag?


Aline Correa said...

love the shorts you made out of pants!
I think I would go with the backpack... even though the messenger bag looks great, not comfortable when you have to carry it everywhere.
excited for you¡ I love england.

Tiffany Kadani said...

I am going to England in July and I have the exact same worries. No kidding- the whole bag situation is ridiculously on my mind all the time. Plus, my messenger bag keeps getting denim rub off and it is so frustrating. BUT, I really do want a messenger so when I take photo it will be easier to maneuver.

And the clothes? I am just bringing jeans and skirts. I'm actually worried that I'll be cold when I go to Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry too much about England being hot, it appears that Summer is avoiding us so far :-)

I hope that you have a great experience here though!

Ann Marie said...

Yes, yes. I must remember that England is cooler than my summers. Ceej was just telling me that when he visited a few years ago in August he was wearing a jacket most of the time. Crossing my fingers that the cool weather stays a while.

Lisa said...

Dont fret because I live not far from Oxford and the weather here is rubbish it's more like April showers at the moment and as for lap top I'd go for something light but not a backpack because sweaty backs arent a good look:)

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I am always in need of the perfect bag. Make a sleeve until you can find the perfect bag. I love the new Marc Jacob Totes- for carrying around a ton of stuff.

Heidi-and-Seek said...

I LOVE your bag. And I've chopped off so many pairs of jeans, I don't even think I have a pair of shorts that was legitimately shorts at one point. Happy travels!

Ann Marie said...

seriously! you ladies are awesome. thanks for all the suggestions, and for assuring me that i won't melt while in England :)

janet clare said...

Well, I'm sitting here writing this not too far from Oxford wearing a wool cardigan, socks and jeans! I can't remember England getting 90 degrees ever. Pack layers- the weather changes quickly and remember that England is a 'green and pleasant land' because it rains a lot!

AppaloosaMoon said...

beat the heat by sipping hotHOT tea...something the Brits excel at...might I suggest an Earl Grey Supreme & a Minted or Lemongrass Green...also, have you seen the new "Sage" bag by Coach? It's perfect for travel & fits a macbookpro they've a beautiful pink or royal blue sleeve to slip it in for pretty cool protection!

Britnie Powell said...

I just bought an Osprey bag from REI before my summer travels this year. It's a shoulder bag but it also has a waste strap so it can take the weight off of your shoulders. It carries my mac just fine too. Plus it has a lot of other pockets for keeping a variety of items. I can't remember the model, but it's gray with an ovalish design. Good luck with your travels! Can't wait to read about em!

kb said...

i've been looking at this program for a couple years. do you love it??

Gailen Audie said...

backpack, backpack....a thousand times backpack.