all morning i've been listening to beautiful songs:
this one that made me feel all the love i have deeply,
and this one that my violin teacher played at her recent performance
and it made me feel the earth move within my chest when she played it.
i've also been listening to this whole album that makes me want to
write children's poetry.

but most of all i've been thinking of how i can and do love more
this april as spring is stretching her sleepy arms
and the sun shines a little bit longer each day.
i am feeling deeply who and what i love more:

.i love my kind and strong ceej more. he motivates me. he keeps me safe.
.i love my pen and the words it writes more.
.i love my books that sit loyally on my shelves and scattered about the house more.
.i love the women in my life who have broken hearts but wise souls more.
.i love the trees that give me air and shelter more.
.i love my yoga routine more.
.i love my morning oatmeal more.
.i love the not-so-smart decisions i've made more.
.i love the silences that come throughout the day more.
.i love the way a violin grabs my vision and softens me more.
.i love hand-written notes more.
.i love my life more and more and more.

what are you loving more this first day of april?


Sabriel said...

i am loving forgiveness and the refiners fire more. i am loving my own soul more.

beth said...

i love that i can come here to see what you love....

the wild magnolia said...

i love being healthy
i am thankful
i love being safe
i am thankful
i love being able to love others
i am thankful
i love being loved
i am thankful

great post! i love your diversity in music and the new discoveries your sharing affords me.

my vision is enlarged by visiting your blog.

thank you for sharing!


Lucy said...

I love blogging more. I love spring showers more. I love my life more.

What an inspiring post. Thank you :)

A Little Happier said...

I love the smell of the bread homemade in the house
I love hearing that my fingers are creating something sweet on my piano
I love coming back home after a whole week outside for work
I love reading with my cats nearby
I love spending some time on your blog :)

Camron said...

spring is coming in our state. how rejuvenating!
your photography and words are inspiring, as everyone else has said. what beautiful things to share.
i am hoping to stretch myself this spring and would love to know who you have teaching you violin here - i would love to learn to play classical & the fiddle.

e.m. said...

oh - wrong sign in on my last comment (not camron, it would be to emmie(dot)myers(at)yahoo(dot)com. thank you ann marie!

leslie.conner said...

I am loving that I have finally realized and accepted the fact that life truly is a journey and not a destination (that is a quote from some one... don't know who)... I just have to remind myself, then I can enjoy myself!