desktop quote & manifesto monday : the end...or the beginning: a favorite paradox


all afternoon it's been raining out my window.
a wonderful spring down-poor...
that has now, in the early evening hours,
started to attempt to be a bit of a snow storm.
it's something in between,
as is this month of march : not quite winter anymore,
but not ready to give in to spring.

i'm exploring where and what exactly i am holding on tightly
in my life - places and things that high-time came to an end
before i can join with spring and begin anew.

i still fear making mistakes. i think my heart needs a little
talking to, a reminder that no one grows without mistakes.
can you quit this cold-turkey,
or will i be shaking with cravings for fear of falling?

i still fill my calendar way too full...
i've got to put an end to my fear of saying 'no'
so i can start again with a nice, blank, clean refreshing would that be?!

the list could go on and on.
but i'll start with just a couple of things
to end so i can get started with my
spring beginning when it finally comes
in the form of blossoms.

anything you'd like to end so you can
get started once spring comes around?

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beth said...

i don't know how old you are, but at 36 it was like a switch had been flipped.....and i finally learned to say no and it's been the best thing i've ever learned to do...once you try it, you won't go back :)

also....a line from's not you, it's me.....OR....that really doesn't work for me......also a very good way to say no.....

i hope this helps just a little bit.....from someone who's been there, done that.....and completely understands where you're coming from on that issue.....

kat evans said...

Beautiful imagery ann marie.
I am so grateful for this post
as I too am in that place in my
life where I need to end this
fear of looking like a fool, of
feeling like I'm not adequate
enough to pursue my dreams. I
need an end to this fog that
I've been in. When the sun
shines, things will be a little
more clearer. I believe it.

Char said...

i'm with beth

Shokoofeh said...

Ann Marie, you write so beautifully.


Inge said...

I so appreciate your honesty, and as I've been catching up on your blog, I feel like we're very much in the same place, yet it's helpful to hear it from someone else.

What I'd like to end is not giving it a 100%, still hesitating and procrastinating...

And I have noticed, as kat said, that when the sun shines, things really do become clearer.

xo I.