am ready for the weekend...especially if it involves a yummy bakery for breakfast again


this week has really done me in...
and i am quite ready for a movie night
with ceej watching this film which i'm sure
will make me want to quit my day job and
travel the country singing and playing the guitar.
ah, sweet escapism!

this weekend i'm going to give my calendar
a face-lift...i hope...crossing things off
and finding more time to sink my soul
into the things i love most.
i think i'll need more courage than usual.

this weekend will be good. i know it.
among my de-cluttering of the calendar
i plan on organizing the office a little more,
going to a parade, and reading in bed lots,
and i'm really, really going to try not to work.

tell me of your wonderfully relaxing weekend plans, please.


Char said...

it will be a completely girly weekend with my sister - i can't wait

Tash said...

Your weekend sounds heavenly! I forgot about that movie and how I wanted to watch it, thank you for reminding me :) I'm spending some time with my mom tomorrow and I have a lunch with my girlfriends on Sunday, so looks like a nice quiet and relaxing weekend for me. Have a lovely weekend!
Natasha xo

cailen ascher said...

we have a couples massage scheduled for tomorrow (it was our v-day gift to each other). should be wonderfully relaxing!

happy weekend
ps i'm hosting a giveaway over at my place if you care to stop by

Taylor Ashley said...

your pictures look delicious! my mouth may have started to water ! but i plan on a date tonight then the family for a whole week! yay!! have a fabulous weekend[:

ali said...

Your breakfast looks amazing!
I hope you have a great weekend, tonight I am going to finish a fantastic book and then the rest of the weekend I need to finish an essay. Not exciting at all!

Lucent Imagery said...

Mine is half over here in Australia. But yesterday was walking to the markets to buy fresh flowers & goats cheese. Lunch with friends followed by a stroll through their local forest. Dinner and so many laughs last night at a friend's place. Today... relaxation at home and walking to the movies.

sarah sample said...

hello lovely. i miss you. I'm so excited to move closer soon. it is time we are both in the same city. you are lovely as ever.xo

Jenni Austria Germany said...

um i really want to be at this breakfast place.

Taylor said...

where do you work? your calendar facelift sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

I hope that your weekend was fun, cuz mine was totally boring...