the ballet : sleeping beauty, of course


how is it that going to the ballet feels oh so sophisticated and elegant
at the same time it makes me feel so whimsical and child-like?
what a wonderful experience to feel so many things during
one experience. i love seeing the audience in all its variety:
couples who have put on their best, little girls wearing their
fluffiest & twirliest dresses, sisters who link arms and laugh loudly,
country-side accents commenting on the huge talent of the dancers.

i love that moment before anything begins...when the curtain
is down, and everyone is trying to find their seats or flipping through
the program learning about the dancers' personal lives.
most of all i love the orchestra down beneath the stage practicing
difficult measures and tweaking their instruments...oh so exciting.

sleeping beauty. what a perfect valentine's day ballet.
i loved the fairytale quality: all the frills and delicate but strong
choreography. i loved the crone and her black pointe shoes,
and princess aurora and her red hair and golden tutu.

i probably took the opportunity during intermission to look up
when i could attend the adult ballet classes...trying to remind myself
that ballet is currently on my "liberation list" and will have to wait
until a time when i am not so busy with other things in life...
but, oh so tempting! ballerinas are certainly the most powerful
yet graceful beings on the planet. i have those little bits of regret
that surface now and then...wishing i would have stuck with ballet
just a little longer. you know what i'm talking about, i'm sure.

however, i couldn't decide if i wanted to be the ballerina
with the perfect arabesque or if i wanted to be the solo violinist
down beneath the stage...what music! that tchaikovsky is genius.
i found myself often leaning forward so i could peer down into
the sea of instruments where the orchestra made the magic complete.

oh my. what a lovely night we had at the ballet.
can't wait for the next one.


Cari-Jane Hakes said...

ah, the ballet, one of my first loves (along with pottery, odd combination I know). Looks so glittery and magical!

Taylor said...

i feel the same way about the ballet! your pictures capture it so well.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Yes there is nothing like a classic ballet performance. I remember going to see The Nutcracker when I was a girl, and it was one of the most magical nights in my life, from getting dressed up,stepping into the car, going to a fancy restaraunt and then the moment the curtains opened! I would love to see Sleeping Beauty one day...take the nieces...they would love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann :) Thanks so much for the comment and for becoming a follower of my blog. You take beautiful pictures too :)

Leslie said...

What a lovely lovely post! Gorgeous photos of that beautiful old theatre. And your words took me right with you. I feel almost like I was there myself!

As for ballet or music, there was no choice for me. I was a HORRIBLE ballerina, but a whiz kid with a double reed : )

Cassie said...

looks gorgeous. I have never been to the ballet. Just added it to my list of "to do's" I would love to take my daughters to see... I always wished I'd been a ballerina.

la ninja said...

from a pop version to sleeping beauty. leap (slowly and bow often?)
glad you enjoyed it :)

Janis said...

Beautiful - and so is your blog.

Yes, this would be a perfect way to spend Valentine's day. You've given me an idea for next year :^)

the wild magnolia said...

Attending the ballet, opera or a play, seem to transport us temporarily into lands of ease and make believe.

So glad you had a special Valentine's Day.

Kate Kelleher said...

Oh now, this is such a good place to be. Always magic where ever you are in the world. x

Lollipop said...

this is such a beautiful place... wow.
thanks for your kind words

Olga said...

It looks absolutely stunning. Beautiful place and amazing photos! Thank you. It is shameful that I was at the ballet so long time ago.

bets said...

ann marie, my dear, you are lovely. i stumbled across your blog from a link from facebook-i knew you were stylish and funny but i didn't know you are so talented. your photos are wistful and ethereal and make me want to change my life in some way. can we please hang out the next time i'm in utah so some of your beautifulness can rub off on me?

Tiffany Kadani said...

Seriously love that theater! I remember the first time going there and feeling so uplifted. And I love Sleeping Beauty. Definitely one of my favorites.

Paige said...

Oh I love the ballet! What a gorgeous theater. And Tchaikovsky! I turn into one of those little girls in the fluffy dresses just thinking about it :)

Caroline said...

Thanks for stopping by my modest little blog!
Oh, you must take ballet classes! I haven't been able to for the past three years but I miss it so much. There was nothing quite like dancing yourself, not even attending the ballet (even in lincoln center!) can compare.
So glad that you had a lovely Valentine's Day. It seems like you found the perfect way to celebrate.

Tash said...

I haven't been to the ballet in so long, too long! So magical and special, what a lovely way to spend valentines!
Natasha xo

Frangipan said...

These photographs are stunning, so romantic. I love the moment when the orchestra are tuning, it's my favourite part!

beth said...

I LOVE going to the ballet- I love the dancers, the sets, the theater, the whole affair. And as a former dancer, I love to support other dancers- one of the saddest things about going to the ballet is seeing how empty the theater often is. Hooray for posting about this!

snippets of thyme said...

Aw. what a sweet post. I have visiting from "Rhayne's" blog. My daughter was training to be a professional ballerina so I spent the last 10 years or so encamped in that world. It is a magical world and those dancers are so full of the beauty of the dance.

Sarah said...

Oh my, I absolutely love Ballet! I used to dance ballet as well, but wasn't too good at it. Have always wanted to watch 'em - filled with SO much beauty and elegance! You're so lucky to be able to watch a Ballet. Thank you so much for sharing these photos. :) Everything about it is just so wonderful. I love seeing the techniques, and the perfection of the pointes and arcs.

Beautiful. x

Cobalt Violet said...

OH, I haven't been to the ballet since high school but I have thinking about going for the past couple of year! I think it's time. Now I am extra inspired!

Lucy said...

Going to the ballet also makes me nostalgic for days gone by when dance class was the highlight of my evenings...I am in the same boat as you. Yearning to dance, but too busy with all of my other interests right now. (Mostly my children and husband!)

Brittany said...

I just went to this on Friday! I loved it, so much. I agree with you, the best part is right before everything begins.