snow had fallen, snow on snow


snow on snow on snow has fallen on us here...
it makes it feel like home,
like magic.
i've been thinking so much about how magical this time of year is.
like nothing else.

we visited my grandma, celia jane, today.
she seems to be fast approaching her own winter.
she quickly loses life with any ailment,
her eyes close and she slumps over-
we're always on edge hoping her eyes open again.
so far, she keeps opening her eyes after her stomach rejects meals now and then.
today she opened her eyes
and she sang carols with us,
singing of mountains replying to angels.
she doesn't always remember who i am,
but somehow she remembers all the words to her favorite songs...
i don't mind that she doesn't remember my name,
or wonder why i, a stranger, wipes her mouth and nose for her.
i am grateful that she remembers how to sing.
and she certainly remembers how to laugh.
some days she is the grandma of my youth.
other days she seems as if she was quite ready to move ahead.
it's winter.
and it can get very, very cold.
i will sit with this and remember it all.


Cobalt Violet said...

Beautiful post ... magical photos... incredible place.

My aunt works with older people and
music is something they remember when
everything else fades ... somehow it's stored in a different place in the mind.
How wonderful that you were able to sing carols together and share that beautiful moment. So moving.

kara lynn said...

i love your words and thoughts. and reading your moments with your grandma. i know exactly what you mean visiting a grandma and grandpa in their hospice centers. magical embedded memories are formed their in those moments.

sending love.

sarah sample said...

anna...this is exactly like my grandma. i need a full utah update. love you.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

My grandma is in the same phase as yours and although she may not really recognize me, the face she sees makes her smile and that is the important thing. I always remember her in better days and feel lucky to have her blood in my veins. Lovely photos. Isn't snow grand?!

Dianne said...

These are moments when we ponder and contemplate our lives and the lives we love and are connected by a sacred posterity line. Some days are sad; you find it difficult to watch the decline of your parents and grandparents; other days are much happier as strength returns. All this leads to the joy of eternal bonds and a gratitude for lives spent together.

Britnie Powell said...

This was what I needed to read today.

Tonia said...

What wonderful images: the snow has fallen here too and transformed everything. Those memories of your Grandma remembering the music whilst everything else has faded will always be incredibly precious to you.

Char said...

oh honey ((hugs))

Mei-li said...

wouaah this place look so amazinf especially for chrimas time !!
the ice on the tree

leslie.conner said...

Those are such beautiful photos!! Thank you for sharing!