a holly jolly week full of tiny christmas trees, little anniversary parties, family, friends, gifts, and camping out in our new house


so far, our holiday season has been absolutely lovely.
we celebrated our seventh (yes, seven years!) wedding anniversary with
family, food, a museum, and a little cake and gelato.
christmas was wonderfully busy, hopping from one family to the next...
everyone has been so generous and creative this year.

our little old home has been cozy,
though we have been basically camping out
with all of our things still back in california.
we were quite pleased with our little christmas tree,
hanging by twinkle lights as we do not have a stand for it,
and we adored our one little babushka nesting doll ornament.
today our new washer & dryer arrived...we are finally grown-ups.
slowly, our home will come together
and soon we'll be resting on the couch with a familiar book
and watching the sunlight hit the piano keys.
can't wait!

the snow is falling...i never tire of its wonder.
i love it here.

how have the holidays been in your little world?
hoping you are warm and cozy and spending your days with loved ones.


kara lynn said...

i also read out of that dickens book this holiday season.

the dessert looks divine.

and i love your tree.

congratulations on the anniversary!

Ciara Brehony said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful post.

Warmest congratulations to you both on your anniversary. A winter wedding! It must have been so lovely.

And every warm wish for a peaceful New Year in your new home. Here's to new beginnings.

Tiffany Kadani said...

So glad to hear from you! And happy seven years! You guys are so sweet together.

Char said...

warm and lovely - congratulations on your anniversary.

happy new year!

onesilentwinter said...

i am glad to hear your piano will be there with you. i love your tree. how exciting this time has been for you both, what great timing for new beginnings

Tonia said...

Happy anniversary, happy christmas and happy new house!

Mei-li said...

oo i love the the shades of the colors, and the one with the green crown !! the light are so nice

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Love your tiny tree and those striped stockings! May you have many more sweet little Christmas' in your future...happy anniversary!

Cobalt Violet said...

What a lovely cozy post!
Hope you had an amazing New Years and your 2011 is spectacular! Blessings and light to you!