$5 yoga...starting january now for your preferred class times


i can hardly wait to start teaching in salt lake city!!!
i'll be teaching in our new home
{in the area of 2700 South and 2000 East}
each class is $5 {cash only please}
BUT your first class is FREE!!!
that's right. free for you upon your first visit.
classes will be for all levels of experience,
from those of you who have never even seen a yoga mat
to those who have been practicing yoga since your previous lives.
for years i have been perfecting my teaching style to accommodate
all of you, all levels, all ages, all genders
{that's right, boys are definitely invited}.

i teach an amalgamation of yoga styles:
combining ashtanga, flow, restorative, and yin yoga.

i'll be putting together the class schedule within the next couple of weeks,
and this is where you come in:
if you are in the SLC area, and are considering attending my classes
please comment here or email me as to which
class times would most suit you
{keep in mind classes will be 60 minutes long}

AM classes: 6:00, 7:30, 9:00
PM classes: noon, 5:30, 7:00
{or you can let me know if there's a time not listed here that you would like to see}
{also, let me know if you'd like to arrange a special class time for you and your friends...same price}

so, vote now via comment, email, or facebook

can't wait for classes to start!
you're gonna love yoga.

{p.s. posting will be rare these next couple of weeks, but i'll stop by now and then to say hello!}


Alive in the Fire said...

Beautiful photo!

Gretchen said...

I love that you guys are coming back to Salt Lake! Please do a saturday class so I can use it as an escape from BYU :)

mim said...

Why don't I live in slc!! I'd take all of your classes. Only $5?? With such an amazing teacher? Ridiculous.

sara said...

Monday, Wednesday and/or Thursday at 5:30pm or 7pm. I was looking for a new yoga setting. So excited!

Sabriel said...

The 7:30 a.m. class would be lovely and give me time to get to my other classes! I would also love to take the 7 p.m. class. I am so excited!

jackiek said...

ah i feel like i never meet other yoga teachers in the blog world. i'm a yoga teacher where I live too so it's so nice to find your blog and hear that you are a teacher! good luck on your new classes! xo

holly jo said...

I want to come! cool. i'm more of an afternooner girl. or maybe the 7:30 class could be good. lady, i can feel my life improving already.

Britnie Powell said...

I'd love to take your 7:00 classes!

ashsan said...

I am one hundred percent excited for for the noon any day, 5:30 any day except monday, and the 7:00 any day but tuesday. confusing enough?

Hasenpfeffer said...

Speaking for all males, I would like to come. My back doesn't bend, I won't have a mat, and my armpits smell like really old chicken noodle soup--I mean REALLY old. Oh, and I don't have a job, so I can come any time you summon me.

whit said...

I would love to come to your classes! I teach in the mornings but hoping some of the night classes will fit my schedule! It would be such a great break for me. Thanks for the post

sarah sample said...

anna! I wish I was in slc. this sounds lovely. I love you. xo

Susan Moorhead said...

Why are you not here where every yoga class is five plus anywhere from thirty to seventy? Sounds wonderful.

M said...

I would love to come to either an early morning class...ending with the sunrise or an evening class any day except Thursdays. I am eager and ready to learn.