sarah sample : how a person can see a soul


Every now and then I find a song that I am compelled to listen to on “repeat” all day long because it hits me straight to the heart, and spreads to the fingertips of my soul. I found one of those songs, and one of those rare entire albums: Sarah Sample’s latest “Someday, Someday.”

Let me be open and proud about one fact, Sarah has been my dear friend since my first lonely day of college ten years ago. She graciously introduced herself to me, and I quickly saw the power of her heart—and then soon thereafter, I felt the awesomeness of her voice. Every year she does the impossible: she gets better and better; her voice reaches deeper inside of me; she makes me want to dance for the goodness in this life.

If anything, you must check out her song “Calling Your Name.” It’s one of those beautifully melancholy songs that makes you want to look life deep in the eyes and tell it how grateful you are for all of it: for all the pain and for all the joy. In this song Sarah sings “I need a friend in a real bad way,” and I think we have all been there before where we need a miracle that seems just out of reach, and that miracle is simply someone who can empathize with us and tell us we’re more than we could ever imagine; to tell us that our mistakes were yesterday and are forgotten today; to tell us that perfect is overrated.

What’s even more inspiring is how hard Sarah works. She makes things happen—it’s not magic, it’s Sarah sweating over every word, chord, performance, and record. She’s real, oh so real. You should see her laugh hysterically at her husband’s jokes, see her sing with her baby girl. You can feel this real life in every song she writes. She does all of the everyday tasks with love, and yet still finds the energy to create such beautiful songs to make our lives rich.

So, try her. You can download one of my other favorites, “Everytime I Go,” for FREE by clicking HERE. And then you’ll want to buy the entire album to play on repeat for the next few days, so click HERE to swoon over it. and if you're in salt lake city you have just got to go to her concert this thursday night. visit her website for more info. i'm oh so heart-broken i won't be there. so please go, and tell me how it goes. please!


Nicole said...

Her voice is so beautiful, I may have tears in my eyes right now. I am such a boob.

Kate Kelleher said...

Stunning voice, you must feel so proud knowing this friend. Must feel like magic.

Jamie said...

Oh my! Love her voice. Thanks so much for the introduction. If I was getting home one day sooner I would be at that concert.

Krista said...

loving this tune, thanks for sharing it!