i'm incredibly anxious for fall.
these next few days we'll be hitting 100 degrees.
cooler weather can't come fast enough.

looking forward to:
wearing hand-knit sweaters,
trekking up to apple hill,
kicking fallen leaves on chilly night walks,
butternut squash soup,
rosy cheeks and brisk winds,
bringing warm apples pies to neighbors,
layers, layers, layers.

what are you looking forward to this fall?


Cassie said...

you and I are on the same page today. i love love love fall. for all of the same reasons!

Caroline said...

Warm apple pies, crisp morning runs and the smell of the air ... always so fresh yet warm. Does that make sense?? And I love the color of the trees. Fall is quite grand!

KeLLy aNN said...

My mom gave me my own pressure cooker {so I would quit taking hers}
so the Little Ones and I are excited about making Apple Sauce.
I am looking forward to trying my hand at Plum Jelly.

That Girl in Pearls said...

I am so ready too... scarfs, scarfs, and more scarfs! And breezy, cool, crisp weather... Yes, please!

Hope you're doing wonderful Love!

ilwen said...

I love autumn so much. I cannot wait to make chestnut creatures, collect and press colourful leaves, carve a pumpkin, make all kinds of autumn soups (with ginger as an essential ingredient), dress up for Halloween, havest our last goods from the balcony and listen to spooky tales while the wind is howling outside. Also, all of the fun activities I listed here:
Autumn is my favourite time of year but then I keep saying that about winter and spring too when it comes :)

Julie said...

So many things! The muted and earthy colors of fall just keep me grounded. It always takes me off guard how I didn't realize I needed this change in weather-but NEED it I do!

Joanna said...

Reading everyone's personal odes to fall is so much fun; I love that so many people are as overjoyed about this happy season as I am! I am most looking forward to watching golden leaves drifting lazily to the ground, inhaling that first breath of crisp fall air, wearing cozy boyfriend sweaters and warm scarves, toting around my new schoolgirl satchel (anything that reminds me of school and learning is good!), inhaling the deep perfume of a campfire, cozying up in bed with a spooky ghost story....I could go on and on about my beloved fall. But for your sake, I won't! ;-)