project film : slide film, the pros and cons


i love slide film. a lot.
it's so brilliant and crisp...
it seems you have to be a photoshop guru
to restore the brilliance of the slides
once you scan them into your computer.
sometimes i wonder if i've created more work for myself...
i thought i'd be slowing down, things getting more simple.
well, these slides are certainly slowing me down.

and i love them.

if you want to see the real color
you'll have to either come on over to my place
for a killer slide show
you can wait patiently as i master photoshop...
there will definitely be some before & after shots
in this series.

{or perhaps i'll give up the slide film and work with all the other options i still have...we'll see}


Char said...

fantastic shots - especially the first and last shots

stephanie said...

Slide film has always interested me. I don't know much about it and I'm really considering taking a class to learn more. And I think these shops are still really pretty the way they are. They are kind of dreamy...I like them.

Caroline said...

I am no photoshop guru. Slide film is incredibly interesting. I really love your shots. Do you live in Northern California ...?? I would love to come over for a slideshow or just simply go on a photo adventure! Much love!

Courtney said...

Well, I'll still think you're great and an amazing photographer if you change your mind about film before the year's out! Whatever's enjoyable for you...

Cassie said...

I am so not a photoshop girl. I'm a "you get what you get" type. These images are dreamy, whether they look the same scanned or not.

Tonia said...

These are beautiful shots - don't be so hard on yourself and accept what comes out!

Ashley said...

Hi Ann! I've read your blog for a little while now but this is my first time commenting. I LOVE that you're taking on film... that's so cool, and film is so much fun. I think slide film is SO HARD--you have to nail the exposures to get it just right. I like to shoot with color film because it has a little more give and keeps detail in the shadows and highlights, even if you're off on the exposure by a couple stops. Then again, I don't scan my own negatives (I shoot way too much for that)... so I don't know? Anyway, sorry this is so long. Have a lovely day!

Ashley said...

No problem with the questions! I always love talking photography. I send my film to Richard Photo Lab (they're in Los Angeles), and get back Medium-res scans... they are pricey, but also worth in terms of time being money (lame, I know, but I'd rather spend time with my husband than my computer so the money I spend, I figure, is worth it). They scan it on the BIG MAMA- a fuji frontier. I have a scanner as well, but it's just a general scanner and doesn't scan color well--that, and it's not calibrated correctly so I end up being extremely frustrated with the results.

Again, sorry for my long comment... I type too much! Have a very nice day!

Katarina said...

I love slide film so much. I have to get a projector one day.
The silky textures and the light... Kodak Elite Chrome is my favourite. I agree though that the brilliance can be easily destroyed by scanners often. Still, your slides have beautiful atmosphere.
Your blog is gorgeous and inspiring, I'm so glad I've found it :)