manifesto monday : the sea gives and the sea takes


i'm safe in asheville.
had a very rocky landing...literally. our plane about hit the pavement coming through some fog,
but our pilot pulled us out before we hit, and gave it a go one more time.
i've always appreciated second chances...this one is by far my most cherished second chance.
so far i've felt that i will love it here.
so far i've felt lonely here.
so far i've loved the green hills, called "mountains" here.
so far i've been lost.
so far i've found generous people.
so far i miss ceej terribly...more than expected.
it's been give and take.
it's been difficult...
but i'm here to gain "the wisdom of hard experience"
and to find a part of me i never knew even had a heart beat.
this summer is going to be amazing.
this i believe.
{working on getting up the courage to face the humidity with my camera to take a day to photograph my new city to show you how beautiful it is}
{and...i have lovely photos to share with you of cj's and my afternoon at the beach before i came to school}
{thank you for all your well-wishes!}


Tiffany Kadani said...

You are so brave! I have left Chris for about 6 weeks for the last three years and it was so hard! I definitely did not have the excitement as you do. I hope the loneliness goes away soon though.

Caroline said...

Glad you are safe and sound. I visited Asheville last Spring and fell in love with everything. Such a wonderful place. XO

kelly ann said...

so happy you are safe, dear... good luck with everything. <3

Char said...

i hope you enjoy your new journey!! can't wait to see the new shots.

jeff said...

Hey Ann,

Glad to here you guys will be in town in August. What about Mo's wedding? Are you guys coming? You knew Mo is getting married, right? Well she is. Erin tells me that Mo's wedding is in August so maybe that's why your coming to town.
Tell CJ that I keep meaning to call him, but every time I think of it, it's around 7 am here, so 6 am there. So I never do cuz I don't want to call that early.
Anyways, Peas out.

¡El Jefe!

ilwen said...

I hope you will feel at home soon and meet one kindred spirit or two :)

She Who Carries Camera said...'re very close to my stomping grounds each weekend! (Lake Keowee in SC - about 1.5 hours away) You will like western NC especially in the summer. Lots of "Kodak" moments to be found!

bigBANG studio said...

Ilwin said it best. I know you'll find this to be a magical summer, and although so difficult to be away from Ceej I know you'll find strength knowing how supportive and loving he is back in CA. We're all cheering for you, AM! Xo

Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

cool blog, great pix