if you're going to the north country...


we stayed at the most wonderful little cabin/lodge.
it was quite big for our little group of seven.
all of you could have joined us, and there would have
been wriggle room to spare.
next time, you're coming with us.

i would have sat out on this bench to read and write
if it hadn't been so rainy.
but i was happy for the was very cozy indeed.

i loved seeing my nieces and nephew in their rain boots and slickers.
puddles didn't stand a chance against these little ones.

next time, and there will be a next time, i'm going to
take some more time to explore and go on little walks beyond
the sight of the lodge. next time.

i love how many trees there are in this washington state.
they are thick, and they are oh so alive.

the lodge.
was imagining that i actually lived here.

this little restaurant was amazing.
best veggie wrap i've ever had.
the flavors were so surprising and savory.
and the best thing of all:
fresh blackberry pie!
we bought three.

i could have been on this drive forever.
so many calm and peaceful scenes to gaze at.

loved being so near mt. ranier,
though i never actually saw it through all the clouds...
but i did walk on it.
that's good enough for now.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh my goodness! Your photography is simply stunning and makes me want to go there. Right now. It looks like a movie, or a perfect setting for a novel.

Char said...

oh my....i so want to be there.

gorgeous shots

Kerry O'Gorman said...

What a beautiful house, rain or shine...I live in the northwest and our spring has been the sun has come out but I think its only for a short poor little veggies need some sun!

corve said...


Tonia said...

Is there anything sweeter than little wellie boots stomping through the puddles!

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

Wow, that place looks amazing. Next time we'll come along too!

Caroline said...

Blackberry Pie ... sounds heavenly!! xo

Anonymous said...

What beautiful shots!

That last photo of the dew drops on the flowers and grass is just breathtaking!

Netti said...

You need to put together a book of your photos and publish it or something. Seriously, your photos make me so happy!! These ones in particular!

kelly ann said...

oohhh these photos are so breathtaking and dreamy!

ilwen said...

What a dreamy and peaceful place. That cabin looks like it came straight out of a fairy-tale. I'm sure gnomes live under the nearby trees and there must be a friendly giant living in the mountains.

Bernie said...

What a beautiful place, and to be able to enjoy it with your loved ones was a real bonus....:-)Hugs

Natalie said...

Love the photos, sound like an amazing trip.

nadia said...

this series just calmed right down. it helped me exhale- beautiful!

Audrey Horne said...

Oh my, didi you take these photos? Thaey are insanely beautiful. Love words as well. xx

bigBANG studio said...

What respite from the desert heat to pore through these photos, AM! Sounds like a truly magical trip full of blanket-snuggling, the smell of moss and wet bark, and those blackberry pies! We are trying to map our route for our road trip in the Scamp and want to head up the coast to Vancouver, but maybe we should head inland? Any advice?


Peppermint Press (& Carla) said...

I love the final, beautiful flower photograph.