"keep close to nature's heart...and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. wash your spirit clean."


you might just want to settle in for this post...there's certainly an over-abudance of photos.
a plethora.
i did, contrary to what you might suspect, leave out most of my images,
and tried to keep it short.
if you want to see the entire slide show,
come on over,
and i'll do my best, most authentic monotone voice
to describe our yosemite visit in its entirity.

i know you've already seen the falls, but i have to tell you about how it sounds, how it feels, how it smells.

its rushing has more than one rythym. there is the constant background rushing. and then there is the random, yet consistent, booming of an extra heavy load of water that comes crashing down onto the rocks below.

it feels like a tropical rain mist, and the trail that falls in the mist is a little jungle unlike the rest of the granite & pine trail.

it smells, well, like the fresh out of doors. some day i'll be able to describe it to you. it just makes your insides feel clean and healthy. it makes you alert and alive. that smell is priceless.

all of the trees in the area have lost their branches waterfall-side. that wind and water can be terrible and ruthless indeed. i overheard a park ranger saying that someone had asked him if they could put their head under the waterfall...can you imagine the pounding that boy would have suffered?!
this waterfall. so beautiful. so terrible.
my favorite combination.

ceej with the new lens on the graflex.

can't wait to see the images.

near the very top, things get narrow, and the drop-offs are great.
i held on. tight.

this rushing river is what launches of the face of the cliff
and soars to the earth below.

on our way down.
it was one of those days where
i was happy i saw what i saw,
felt what i felt,
heard what i heard...
and was very anxious for dinner and to take off my boots!


Char said...

wow wow wow - to get to experience all of that so closely. gorgeous

Tonia said...

Waterfalls carry their own special awe don't they? Wonderful images.

Tiffany Kadani said...

Such fun! I love all the pictures with you in them- you are a natural nature girl for sure!

Cassie said...

Love all of these images.

Nature is truly magnificent.

Cindy said...

yosemite looks gorgeous and so do you two. i love all the photos and when i see you guys with that graflex i think of ansel adams lugging his big cameras around all over the place - for a lifetime, really.

nature is glorious when we humans let it be. thanks for sharing your trip with us!

kelly ann said...

just incredible. and that graflex is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Woowww! What an experience! I am happy that you were happy:-)Being surrounded by the nature is wonderful!

Caitlin said...

Its a late post but, you look like fun to go hiking with! I hiked MT. Tam and I was in HELL because of the company I had. Poo!

Diane said...

So many EDGE shots ... those edges are fine unless you LOOK DOWN!

But ... we know you are fearless :)