a most wonderful package from a most generous woman...straight from paris


do you remember zina? she is one amazing woman.
we made a little swap...
but i think i came out with the better end of the bargain.
for sure.

i sent her a print of one of my photos
and she sent me this package of treasures
from her recent visit to france...
ooh la la!!

she sent me the sweetest note...
it's as if my own mother wrote it:
so encouraging and oozing with kindness.

she sent me this rose tea from the oldest herbologist in paris,
{it's absolutely lovely...and, as zina promised, is like drinking a bouquet}
an antique handwritten postcard {!!!!!!}
and a book, exuberance, that i can't wait to devour.

i think i might have found something to "collect."
these handwritten notes melt my entire soul.
remember this handwritten note that ceej gave me for valentine's day?
it was the prettiest gift ever given,
and now i add this note to its company.

this wonderful package from a wonderful woman from a wonderful place
has reminded me that when i some day visit paris it will be in the spring.
i have been listening to amelie-les-crayon since the blossoms stretched their arms,
and now i drink my rose tea, try to decipher the hand-written note,
and pretend i am in that beautiful city.

thank you, dear zina!!!!
{p.s. she and her sisters have started a fantastic cooking blog...what a treat!}


Unknown said...

wow, that looks beautiful!! and how amazing it came from paris. i'm off to check out the cooking blog right now! xoxo

Tiffany Kadani said...

This is so amazing! I love all things French so you can imagine how much I am pouring through this post. My dream is to go back to France and this post really hits the home.

zlb said...

it was a treat to send it to you! such a grateful recipient! xoxo

sara said...


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet.


Char said...

what a divine treat

Naomi said...

Oh, amazing! Do you know the name of the herbalist that made that tea?

bigBANG studio said...

So, so darling- the amount of thought that went into that! And the tea- my gosh. Tell me about the book- what's the story behind it? What a wonderful surprise, AM!

kelly ann said...

oh how wonderful! so thoughtful and sweet... i love old handwritten notes, postcards, letters... there is so much history and so many untold stories behind them. :)

She Who Carries Camera said...

what a lovely surprise!

zlb said...

big bang- the book is one I found and read when I was a public librarian, it was on the new book shelf. It a psychological history of exuberance. I had bought it sometime this year at King's English (which I know AM loves) and it just seemed like the right book for her since she is one of those passionate exuberant souls.