manifesto monday: real life


i had three wonderful days with my mom, sister, and ceej.
it felt good to have them eating with me,
talking with me, laughing with me, and seeing with me.

we laughed at each other. a lot. we laughed at ourselves.
the entire time my heart was at ease and i thought of nothing
beyond "today."

i realized, again, that time with family is real time,
real life.
somehow, family can magically make your troubles disappear,
and i remember what real life is like.

this i believe.


bigBANG studio said...

Oh what a BEAUTIFUL photo of you three women; hope they quelled your fears and supplied you with confidence, humor, and courage for the future. You are so loved, Ann Marie!

Caroline said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful picture. They are lucky to have you. Much love to you! xo

kelly ann said...

family is a beautiful thing... i love this post. <3

Gailen Audie said...

yes! I loved how you called this "real". Family does that for you - puts "real" into perspective.

I always have to remind myself of this, but it's nice to be rescued sometimes. :) Have somebody else remind you.

Glad they were there for you!

Tiffany Kadani said...

This is such a perfect photo. So so perfect.

Teresa said...

Ann Marie!
There are just so many things I would love to say to your sweet soul...and I will...I promise.
Let me just say this...for now.
For me...your blog is what blogging really and truly is.
Your pictures...the feelings you express...the way the REAL YOU is represented by every word that you write is just so inspiring and uplifting.
What a sweet sweet PURE soul you are.
I am blessed to have the priviledge (misspelled) of reading your words...thank you!
The picture of you and your mom and sister is just so enduring.
I too love and adore my sissy and mom and have not seen their faces in 8 months since I moved to the Northwest.
I know you speak often about the dithers of your life...pop over to Blooming on Bainbridge if you want to feel REALLY on top of things in your own life...cause I'm in a PICKLE...taking a blogging break and breaking my VOW by commenting on your incredible blog! Woops! It was worth it! xxooxx

Bernie said...

I so agree about family, unfortunately there are many families who don't think as we do. I really feel bad for these families as they haven't discovered the true meaning of love and being there for each other. So love your photo....Hugs

Megan said...

Ann Marie,
What a beautiful picture. You have wonderful women in your family.

isabelle said...

beautiful photo, beautiful words...

sarah sample said...

anna. so happy lovely women in your family were around you lately. so sorry about the grant. such a disapointment I am sure. I am believing there are much bigger treasures on your horizon you haven't seen yet. xo

Char said...

what a beautiful photo together. glad you had a great visit.

Julie said...

Whenever anything goes wrong in my life I always run to my family. Thanks for the thoughts-you put into words just how I feel, and I hope you are feeling better!