knitting class


i started my knitting class this week.
i get to go twice a week.
this has quickly become my favorite thing about my week,
hands down.
my monday class is full of women who are 30-40-50 years older than me.

it is reminding me that i get along best with old women...
i like their slow pace.
i love their wisdom.
i love their laughs.
i love their simplicity.
i love that they have lived history.
i love their stories.
i am truly most comfortable when i am surrounded by age.
i think this is half of my joy in knitting class.
i had no idea how much i would love knitting.

my first project is fingerless gloves...
just in time for summer, yes? ya right.
but i'll be ready come fall with an onslaught of winter accessories,
made by me, made by hand, with wool from local sheep.
update: some of you are asking where i get my local wool...
i get it at the Davis, CA saturday morning farmers market.
you might want to check out your local farmer's market to see if
you can snag your own local yarn.


Unknown said...

oh how wonderful. I took a knitting class in january and i just have fallen away from it. I must get back into it!!! you have re inspired me!
p.s. - wool from local sheep? where do you purchase this?

Unknown said...

i'm commenting back from your comment - Davis farmer's market you say? I will have to make a trip up there early one morning to check it out. you photograph it so beautifully always!

bigBANG studio said...

mmm, where do you get your local yarn?! do share!

Cassie said...

I've always loved my older friends with a special love as well. I love what they have to share with us.

A knitting class full of wisdom sounds delightful (so does a nice stash of winter goodies when the time comes round for them!)

kelly ann said...

i have been wanting to learn SO bad and this just makes that yearning even worse! ;) it reminds me of my great grandmother so much... she would sit and knit/crochet all day and tell me stories about "what it was like when i was a youngin'..." those are some of my favorite memories. :)

Teresa said...

Oh ANn Marie!
I am LOVING that you get your yarn from the Farmer's Market! So YOU!
ANd I love to take knitting classes!
Started knitting just this year!
I have 3 scarves going right now.
I am going to make big pom-pom balls to put on my scarves!
Wont that be CUTE!
ANd I think you are a FABULOUS writer!
Can't wait to see your gloves!

Netti said...

I get along so good with older women too - I'm not sure why but I just love being around them! I'm excited to see your knitting projects completed, knitting is on my list of things to learn!

Char said...

oh how fun!!! glad you're enjoying it

thais said...

how precious! knitting reminds me of my grandma - who taught me most of what I know... keep enjoying yourself!

Caitlin said...

Where do you take your class? I have seen the ladies at the Davis Farmers Market. The last time I saw them I didn't know how to knit anything parctularly great. I told myself once I know how to knit in the round and purl I would buy their yarn... Look out here I come awesome yarn!

Caroline said...

Davis is one of my favorite towns, and I will be at the Farmers' Market up there tomorrow. Are you local? Oh I am curious!! Much love! xo

suzanna said...

I am more comfortable around age as well... they are just happy to be alive and kickin'... have a great weekend!