here's to a hopeful earth day


we have much to hope for.
we have much to do...and much not to do.
i hope we will take earth day seriously,
and resolve to care more deeply,
to act more often.

have you been watching the wondrous gathering of
15,000+ people in cochabamba, bolivia this week?
it's really inspiring.
so many good people coming together to motivate the rest of us...
let's not let them down.

"our kinship with Earth must be maintained; otherwise,
we will find ourselves trapped in the center of our own paved-over souls
with no way out."
-terry tempest williams, finding beauty in a broken world, page 75

"we can no longer say, 'let nature take care of itself.' our press on the planet is
heavy and relentless. a species in peril will most likely survive now only
if we allow it to, if our imaginations can enter into the soul of
the animal and we pull back on our own needs and desires to accommodate theirs.
what other species now require of us is our attention. otherwise,
we are entering a narrative of disappearing intelligences."
-terry tempest williams, finding beauty in a broken world, page 203

"this is what is wrong with us, we are bleeding at the roots."
-d.h. lawrence

i truly believe that THE most important and effective way we can
conserve the beauty of the earth is to put aside our own desires:
to buy less.
don't give in to smart and pretty advertising.
don't give up this earth for something you will throw out next year
when the newest fashion comes about.
make things yourself.
buy local and handmade if you have to buy at all.
bike. bike. bike.

get outside.
get informed.

write corporations/businesses/representative, and tell them
that you support real change {no "green"-washing},
tell them that you will no longer buy their products
if they are not sustainable.
they will listen...
because there is more of us than them.

take it one step at a time.
day by day
we will not only preserve this earth
but we will preserve our souls.

i am slowly, but surely, killing my car...driving only when it rains...
but even then, i am riding more in the rain too...
it's not so's quite refreshing.

what do you pledge to change for the earth today?


Tiffany Kadani said...

Beautiful images. I have pledged to not waste food. I always end up throwing food out and I want to stop that. Buy less, be more creative, use everything.

Havilah Savage said...

good advice!! my bike has been my only transportation for over 2 years and that makes me feel really good! except when it rains, yeah, that kinda sucks. :)

Cassie said...

Where I live, not using my car is not an option, HOWEVER, I have made choices in the past year to reuse rather than give in to consumerism. My closet is full of remade clothing, clothing from thrift stores, clothing I've made from scratch. It was a giant leap, and I'm so glad I took it.

bigBANG studio said...

That T.T.Williams quote speaks to me especially.

Gorgeous photos, sweet AM.

I *wish* Peter and I could rely less on our cars, but alas, getting around the rural desert requires either automotive or mule, and regrettably I am not the current owner of the latter.

However when we decided to live "small" this summer we decided on the Scamp because it's fiberglass (lighter than above-mentioned mule, at 930 pounds) and therefore barely changes the mpg that our compact truck gets on the road. And although we will be using that gas to get around the country we won't be guzzling the electricity, propane, and water required to run a real HOUSE. So that's our plan for now.

Nicole said...


I do wish city planners would make the roads more bike friendly though, think what we could do for our environment (not to mention our waistlines).

thais said...

this year I want to plant a garden... and so much more! small steps that will take us there.

mexicali rose said...

these images are gorgeous and group together so nice.

every day is an earth day!
Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence. -Mourning Dove Salish (1888-1936)

Cherie said...

It's nice to know others care about the Earth and her glory.

Composting and recycling are the things I do most often.

Char said...

i love thrifting and repurposing!

I V Y said...