down in the river...


been listening to old gospel and folk songs that praise the river and water.
love listening to mavis staples, lead belly, woodie guthrie, mahalia jackson, gillian welch,
the alvin ailey soundtrack, and many more.
it makes me ache for our third annual revival theme party:
picnic out on the grass,
singing and harmonizing our hearts out,
clapping our hands and banging cow bells,
dancing 'til our bare feet are sore,
taste-testing pies for a grand prize winner.

so grateful to have this river in my backyard.
she heals my heart every time we meet.

there was the perfect breeze...calming my entire soul as it
whisped my hair in every direction,
and allowing me to truly enjoy the sun without its crippling heat.

oh, this grass!
don't you just want to lie in it from sun-up to sun-down?!

this seems to be the perfect place to rest your back against the trunk of the tree,
while memorizing your favorite lines of poetry,
teaching your tongue to speak of beautiful truths.

the orange and purple blossoms swooned my confused heart to a peaceful standstill.

what gifts of beauty we are given!
what more do we need?!

i think this stretch of long grass would be perfect for
a three-legged race.

and these trees would be the perfect cover
for stolen smooches.

this grove would also be ideal for waiting to spot faeries
and their distant cousins, butterflies.

this is a river that brings me true joy,
showing me what this earth can truly be,
and what i can truly become.

honest, simple, solid, true.

shall we gather at the river?


Char said...

what a beautiful and peaceful place.

Tiffany Kadani said...

Wow, the American River. Beautiful photos! You are so right about butterflies and their cousins. Dragon Flies are distantly related, I also think. Those are definitely a summer treat.

Tonia said...

Nothing like water to soothe a troubled soul. Can't wait for the summer!

kelly ann said...

these gorgeous photos along with your beautiful, magical words has left me in such a calm, peaceful, dreamy state. thank you, this is just so lovely.

Caroline said...

These photos are gorgeous!! I went to Hot Springs North Carolina last Spring and my soul craves a visit back, the river there is so powerful. I love folk songs, the sultry sound always moves me!! Your photos are beautiful! xo

Discovery Preschool said...

i've never commented on your blog before, but i read it often. I was just thinking how in some of your posts you wonder how you can change the world.. but i think you are doing a wonderful job just through this. i am reminded when looking at your photos of the simple life that i always keep coming back to but often get caught up in other stuff. it reminds me what is at my core and what is most important, and then i am lead again that way, in turn i help guide my family in that direction.. so just like a stone thrown into the river causes ripples so does this blog and your words.. so thank you! (oh and maybe i have commented once, when you were coming to utah to do pic's)

阿恬 said...

nice shoot!!

zlb said...


Paige said...

what a lovely post! beautiful photos.

Netti said...

I adore these photos! I want to lay in that tall green grass and read a book whilst sitting by the trees. So jealous that this is in your backyard!!

tori said...

this post is full of wisdom. i want to become like that river as well: honest, simple, solid and true. and i am going to start teaching my tongue to speak beautiful truths... about the world, about others, and about myself. thank you for this; it was inspiring.

Aline Correa said...

oh, I'm always inspired when I come back here...
what a beautiful walk you had! wish I had a river behind my house...

Frances said...

oh ann-marie, you live in the most beautiful place.. :)