i love being a woman : sarah sample {singer/songwriter, mommy, fierce friend}


photo by russ dixon

i met sarah during orientation week as a freshman in college.
sarah rescued this awkward and shy little woman from a lonely fate.
i am forever grateful for her, and her constant friendship.

that's when i first heard her sing. i was overcome with a buzz all over my body.
she's come so far with her music career:
winning awards, playing at folk festivals, and, most recently,
playing on the amazing cayamo cruise along with
emmylou harris, lyle lovett, brandi carlile,
darrell scott, and rachael yamagata.
her music will make you swoon.
trust me.

and, best of all,
she's a mama of the cutest little june-bug ever,
and married to a brilliant and kind man.

without further ado, here's sarah's top ten reasons
she loves being a woman:

this is harder than I thought it would be to answer...because I feel like if I generalize about what is typical of women, than it is not always true etc.
but here are a few thoughts about my experience being a woman
1. the title of 'mother' is given to women. maybe the most beautiful word I know of..."Mother", certainly hearing my child scream 'mommy' and run into my arms is to feel heaven open up.

2. I was given the blessing of carrying my child through pregnancy. Feeling her first move. Suffering through the sick months and watching my body change in order to make the ultimate creation, a child.

3. I love that I am a daughter to a mother who is kind and ever loving.

4. the title of 'Sister' is pretty rad. I love my sister and I feel like we have a bond beyond siblings...the title of sister gives us plenty to laugh about and certainly invites crying.

5. I have felt the influence of incredible women shape and mold my life and heart...starting with my single mom... and certainly the list never ends with women who inspire me to be better.

6. patty griffin is a woman. and my favorite songwriter.

7. I love feeling desirable by my husband. I would hope that I have a few tricks up my sleeve being a woman that keeps a marriage of 7 years still interesting.

8. I feel like the hearts of women lend themselves easily to compassion and generosity.

9. I believe I have a Heavenly Mother.

10. We can soften a Grandfather's heart faster than most.

11. Gift of Girlfriends. I am a pledged believer in having girlfriends always be part of my life and keepers of my sanity.

thank you, dear sarah.


Purple Flowers said...

A beautiful commentary on being a woman who knows. Thank you very much for sharing.

Teresa said...

Oh what a sweet sweet post!
What a big beautiful SMILE Sarah has.
I adore folkish music.
Will pop over and check her out!

Bernie said...

Wht a beautiful thing friendship are so blessed to share this with have a friend one must be a friend and it is wonderful that you have each other........:-) Hugs

Tiffany Kadani said...

Wonderful! I keep thinking of mine and my thoughts seems so inarticulate. She's quite well spoken.

kelly ann said...

what a rad woman... and what a wonderful musician! such a talent. thank you for posting this!

Linds said...

I love that. But what are those pictures of? Am I totally an idiot?