i love being a woman : olivia clark {foodie, yoga instructor, thoughtful & loyal friend}


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i met liv at my favorite yoga studio about three and a half years ago.
we knew some of the same people, and would chat here and there.
i had a serious girl crush. for sure.

just a year or two later our paths crossed again when
she began dating one of cj's favorite skiing buddies.
we were thrilled, and hoped it would work out between the two...

months later, after dating, breaking up, and a movie-like make-up
these two finally decided to make the plunge into marriage.
i get giddy just thinking of how exciting their story is.

liv offers so much. she has the greatest listening ear, and knows how to empathize. i know of no one more eager to give and to love. and she has the most wonderful laugh. so grateful to call her friend.

here's her top ten reasons:

10 reasons why i'm happy to be a woman- or 10 things that make me very happy-

1. girlfriends- i have lovely, talented, loyal, hilarious girlfriends that can make me laugh till my sides hurt even when i'm sad.

2. mom- my mom is the most gracious, selfless person i know- i'm finally past the point of cringing when i catch myself doing things like her- now i hope i can be as generous and strong in my life and marriage as she has been.

3. grandma judy- she taught me about the beauty of simple things- a pitcher of sun tea on the back porch- her straw flip-flops on the hardwood floor early in the morning- the sound of her humming while she cooks breakfast- a magnolia floating in an earthenware bowl on her dining room table. she is elegant.

4. women who write and paint and create but mostly women who are wise and good and kind and patient

5. pretty clothes- i just love girl clothes

6-7. nurturing anyone who will let me- i love this quote about two women from 'my antonia'- "They had strong, independent natures, both of them. They knew what they liked, and were not always trying to imitate other people. They loved children and animals and music, and rough play and digging in the earth. They liked to prepare rich, hearty food and to see people eat it: and to make up soft white beds and to see youngsters asleep in them" nice.

8. a dad who i cherish and who taught me that nail polish and big hair were not what he considered beautiful. most of the time i feel prettiest when my nails are plain and my hair is a mess and my husband is looking at me like i'm adorable and strange and funny all at the same time.

9. the possibility of having a baby someday- how lucky and amazing to grow a baby inside this body.

10. cody- i feel proudest when he lays his head in my lap at the end of a long day and falls asleep. it feels like i'm giving him something that no one else can- it's kinda great.

by the way, i still have a girl crush on this woman!
see one of my favorite outings with liv here and here
see a bit of their wedding here.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Where did she get married? Salt Lake? I love it that you met in yoga and you still are good friends. I think I have a girl crush also!

bigBANG studio said...

what a goddess!
she exudes such warmth and breezy confidence in her picture- what a BRIDE!

ann marie, AWESOME idea- lovelovelove this series. i'm busy as a bee right now preparing for the weekend but i would *love* to put a few thoughts together for this (if you want them)...

big hugs! xoxo

Bernie said...

What a beautiful happy you have such a wonderful friend.
........:-) Hugs