i love being a woman : holly jo hackett {creative writer, ski junky, flower lover, and crochet professional to the max}


meet holly jo.
she's oh so beautiful. oh so happily contagious,
showering you with her love for life.
if you are ever having a dance party, or any party for that matter,
you want this woman there.
she will read any poem you hand her,
dance when you simply make eye contact with her,
she'll bake up the most wonderful thing you've ever tasted,
and give you a homemade crocheted hat at the end of the night.
she will make your heart light,
and make sure you are well taken care of.
she tries to eat you when she gets excited...
and she gets excited about almost everything,
which is why i love her to death.
she is wise. she is kind.
you'll want to be her friend too.

here's her wonderful, beautiful list of why she loves being a woman:

1. the shape of our bodies

2. holding a baby in my belly one day.
growing, loving, and sharing each others movements.

3. diversity of identity:
i love skiing during the day, and dancing in a dress during the evening.

4. our connection with the moon, the cycle of the earth and women.
lucky for us, we are naturally connected to our Mother Earth.

5. comforting and being comforted by a sister. like nothing else.

6. feeling small next to a boyfriend.

7. heartfelt emotions.
the ability to cry when i'm sad, and not knowing how to stop laughing when i'm happy.

8. long red hair.

9. flowers and lavender and small dainty dishes.

10. dancing.

most of all, i can say that my intuition is what i cherish most.
the intuition that only exists when my mind runs parallel with my heart.
the intuition which holds a child and cries for their pain,
laughs for their joy,
and hopes a never-ending hope for their happiness.
oh the love and devotion of women!
thank you for thinking of me.
i love you and any woman who has cried for you,
laughed for you,
held you in her arms,
and hoped that never-ending hope which shaped you
to be such an adorable, loving woman.

{image sources unknown}

thank you so so much, dear holly jo.
i included that last part because it made me think of my mother,
probably the woman who has cried most for me
and hoped a "never-ending hope" for me more than anyone else.
thanks for making me remember my mother more fiercely today.


Unknown said...

Hello Ann Marie,

Your blog is so much fun! I am glad you found me, because now I can follow you. Have fun with your container garden.

Elsical said...

Hello Ann Marie,

What a beautiful post! I'll be popping onto your blog more often.
I'm also stopping by to say thank you for the comment on my current entry - recently made my decision and France it is! Three cheers for dreams being reality!
Have a lovely day,

Elise xx

Cassie said...

a most perfect list!

Mo said...

why you gotta be so cute? x12? I love you.

Kass said...

These pictures capture Holly Jo so well. I especially like the twinkle in her eye in the black and white one. Her list and your words about your mother brought me back to that pushed-to-the-edges-of-my-emotions place that mothers feel. I know Holly's mother feels it. And I know you and your mother feel it.
I thought you might like these lines from a poem a blogging friend just wrote (Christina)

your innocence is ripe
About to burst
Then decay as all living things must
These years with you
Feel like holy moments of my lifetime
And I sit at your feet as though you command the moon and
I will defend your honor
And goodness
And tender heart
All of my life
And still feel indebted to you in the end.

S. Etole said...

this is a great series ...

georgia b. said...

what a beautiful tribute. this reminded me of something i would write about one of my friends.

in fact, your whole blog reminds me of me. i felt like i was home when i came here. even the look of your blog is similar to mine {only your photos are a thousand times more beautiful}.
: )

it seems we have some similar tastes and loves... trees, music, square buttons in our side bars with courier type... :) that made me smile.

thank you for your heartfelt comment on my blog. it is so rewarding to hear things like that. it's scary to be vulnerable out here in the blogosphere. but if i hear of just one person who appreciates it, it makes it worth it! so i so appreciate you telling me that and leaving me a comment.

beautiful, beautiful space you have here.

is it okay if i add it to my blogroll?

Ann Marie said...

kathy, that is such a great poem! thanks for sharing it!

Netti said...

Holly is so darling, I like her quite a lot. This list is so cute!!

holly jo said...

Kathy...that poem is amazing. thank you for sharing it! i told my mom the other day i want to hang out with you can play music and i can sing along. FUN!

Liz / Tangible Ingredients said...

Oh my, I LOVE that list! Now I want to make one of my own!

mexicali rose said...

yes, love the list and now i love holly jo as well! beautiful post...beautiful blog.