a much needed stroll down memory lane thanks to a little game of tag...


a lovely woman tagged me on her blog...i found the fifth folder
and opened up the fifth image.
this photo of ceej at lunch last year is what i found.

oh. my. heart.
last spring i lived in utah finishing up my
undergrad degree in history.
ceej would come visit me as often as he could.
we had many sweet weekends together in salt lake city.
i loved picking him up at the airport on a friday evening
after a week of hard, and sometimes discouraging, homework and classes.
what a relief it was to see his eyes and feel his giant bear hugs pull me in
as my weary head rested on his shoulder.
our weekends together consisted of as many dates as we could squeeze in.

this was one of our dates.
{i posted it here originally}.
i remember having one of those moments
where i realized how fun it is to be in love,
and to enjoy such a simple thing as good food
together in a little cafe in a relatively small town.
i just stared at ceej,
grateful to be married to him...someone who knows every inch of my soul.
no one else even comes close.

after we had lunch together
we went to the wedding of our dear, dear friends.
it was such a fun and heartfelt wedding.
very simple and elegant...just like the couple
{who now live in arizona...missing them terribly today}.

my heart aches for a date with ceej in this cafe.
next time we visit home we must eat here together.


Katherine said...

This makes me want to cry because unfortunately (fortunately?) I'm emotional. And being married to your very best friend and the greatest love of your life makes the tears come when someone else unwittingly pulls up those emotions. I'm so glad that school is over, that we are together now every day. And I still love going on dates with my husband every weekend!

Bernie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your love for your husband....I wish you and your husband many more dates and wonderful times together.
........:-) Hugs