is it the food? the people?


davis, california has one of the best farmers' markets
i have ever been to.
it's small enough and big enough too.
you can get any produce hear practically year round.
thank you california!

one of the farmers saw me sneaking some photos,
and he motioned me over.
{boy, how i thought i was in trouble!}
he asked me
"what is the most important thing at the farmer's market?"
i replied, after thinking only three seconds,
"the people."
"good answer! but not what i was looking for.
are you an anthropology student?"
no. i once was an anthro student,
but graduated in history.
and my photos are for a photography class.
"oh. well i get lots of anthropolgy students who are
assigned to come and observe at the market."

we keep up our conversation.
he tells me that what he usually tells the students
that the most important thing at the farmer's market
is the farmers grow what they sell.
i add that it's the interaction between the buyers and the farmers...
knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown.
it eliminates the middle man,
and puts money right into the farmers' pockets.
the farmers' market is cheaper than the grocery store
and the food is fresh, fresh, fresh!

do you go to a farmers' market?
which one is your favorite?
why do you go?


Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

this is amazing! i would go if i lived in california! it's snowy here:)

Color Me Green said...

so many things there i would never see at a farmers market in new york - oranges, avocados, dried fruits! i'm lucky enough to live in nyc where there are farmers markets year round, though the options get slimmer in the winter. apples, potatoes, root vegetables, cabbage and kale are the produce available now.

zlb said...

oh i am just drooling with envy!!! that produce! those flowers! it's not even close to growing season here yet. sigh. though I did think about starting seedlings today. :) gorgeous pics my dear!

Char said...

thanks for reminding me that i need to pop by this weekend and see what there is to get - i love going but i go mostly in the summer for the veggies

calamity afoot said...

Wow, yum! I love that hand reaching out for the avacado.

L said...

I generally go to the farmer's market at the Sunrise Mall. It's not as picturesque as Davis, but parking is much easier. I used to subscribe to a CSA (community supported agriculture), where you pay upfront and get a box of produce every week. It was through the CSA that I learned how wonderful organic, free range eggs are--they taste so much better than their supermarket counterparts. I prefer the farmer's market to the CSA because it's much more flexible--I can load up on stuff if I'm in the mood to make applesauce or preserves, or I can just get a few things for some simple weeknight dinners.

The food is always better, and less expensive, than at the supermarket, and I definitely feel good about supporting sustainable, local farming. It's great to talk to people who also love food, and can tell me about how they grew it. (Often the supermarket clerk can't even identify what it is if you venture into something exotic like, say, an artichoke.) I've found many new varieties of tomatoes and citrus to love, too.

I go almost every Saturday. We should carpool!

m said...

if i am ever homesick for Utah, I remind myself about the trips to the farmers markets in Dec, Jan and Feb. Aaawesome. so many things to be grateful for in California.

I have been going to the Saratoga Farmers Market it is small sweet and quick. I love it. What I love most is that it has become a natural part of the week just like going to the store.

kelly ann said...

yeah california! :) growing up my mom fed us mostly organic foods, so i ate a lot of things from the farmer's market. there is one near newport beach that i love to go to. and there are some in L.A. that are really awesome! i love how fresh everything is and how friendly the people are... it's such a community and all of the farmers/growers really support each other. i love that!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love famers' markets - there's frankly no better place to stock up on ingredients,

Caio Fern said...

lovely post

amy said...

Oh dear. I'm really jealous.

I love living in a place with four distinct seasons...but...

bigBANG studio said...

oh, you have such marvelous FLOWERS! redbud and ranunculus and anemones and waxflowers oh my! buttery avocados and shameless citrus right now in the desert. can't wait for kumquats in a few weeks.