i'm going to a big city this afternoon


this afternoon i'm going on a little road trip to
san francisco.
i'll take some time to wander
before i go to a workshop taught by this lovely woman.

am a little nervous about traffic, getting lost, and parking.
i've got my google maps ready to guide me,
and hoping that's enough.
really wishing there was a better public transportation system.
whoever thought the car was a good idea, well, i don't think i agree.

anyway, hoping this little trip will be good for my soul.
{i get nervous about venturing out to meet other people}.
am wearing the ring cj gave me in italy.
hoping his return comes quickly.

i'll see you on friday.
and i'll tell you all about it.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh boy... I LOVE San Francisco

can't wait to hear all about it..

Have Fun !


Aline Correa said...

have a wonderful time on your road trip adventure! I know what you mean about meeting new people.. but it's always worth it after it's done..

katherine said...

I can't wait to see you tonight!!!!

Mandy said...

Good luck driving to San Francisco! I get really nervous driving sometimes too - I wish I could teleport all the time!

Can't wait to see more pictures :)

Cindy said...

the class sounds like fun and your ring is lovely.

bigBANG studio said...

a good-luck cameo ring.
a solo road trip.
a workshop, for writing.

sounds like the perfect kind of trip.
good luck! and p.s. i'm SO excited for you for breadloaf. i keep thinking about it.

Mandarine D'Italie said...

May your trip bring you good things,constructive times and interesting acquaintances....

...well it worked for me, thank you for introducing your amazing blog so that i got to 'meet you'!

P.S. love your ring, it's definitevely a special gift, i love the craftmanship and the feel of bygone times....

Amy said...

I would love to visit San Francisco, on my list of places I would love to go! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was born and raised in the UK!

Courtney said...

I've been wanting to take a class from Nicole! I went to a letterpress workshop during her Art Weekend a few months back and loved it.

You mentioned in your comment you're in Sacramento too? When I've gone to sf for classes, I've taken BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). I just drive over to Pittsburg or one of the other stops and park. Way cheaper and way less stressful than dealing with sf driving. Plus the Mission/16th Street stop is only a few blocks from the studio that (she probably) teaches in. You should definitely try it!

Ann Marie said...

thanks for the info, courtney! i'll have to try that route to SF and see how i like it...though anything other than a bicycle scares me to death!
i'm sure with all of our similar interests we're bound to run into each other ;)