manifesto monday: resolved


this morning i had a definite feeling that i was upon a new beginning. a new year. i wondered why i don't have this distinct feeling every morning with the new day. resolution number one: embrace the chance to start over anew every morning.

i am a true believer that weakness can be turned into strength. this morning brought new insight: perhaps that doesn't mean that the weakness changes necessarily, but maybe it means that i use it to my advantage. for example: i love to be a hermit. have tried to turn this into a strength by forcing myself into too many social situations unnecessarily. what if my proclivity to isolation is a strength? i've decided it's a strength that i should embrace as what i wish to do most is write. which requires much time in isolation without distraction. perfect. resolution number two: embrace my longing to be alone with a book and a pad of paper.

this year, 2010, i really mean to simplify. on every level. i could definitely say "no" more often, especially to expectations i put on myself. i could definitely do without half of my closet. i could certainly be more content with a slow and steady pace in my life.

i also intend to become more self-reliant this year. finally starting my container garden on the back patio of our apartment, already learned to knit {now i just need to learn how to pearl}, decided that i will no longer pay someone to cut my hair {i've hired ceej and i will supervise}, i will make my own bread more often, i'm going to start making clothes without patterns {yikes!}, my home will be decorated with art that we make ourselves, and in between i'll hopefully be writing my little heart out. now, if i could just find someone to pay me to do all of this.

i am heretofore resolved.


Clare Wassermann said...

I have just discovered your entrancing blog - beautiful writing and pictures - I've gone all dewey eyed!

Gailen Audie said...

Your resolution is good for those of us who only know you from your beautiful photos and writing: We get more!

Happy New Year,

Melissa Thatcher said...

yes yes!

Color Me Green said...

this is inspiring. love seeing your introversion, which i consider a weakness myself, as a strength. the haircutting is a good idea too...i have been putting off getting a haircut because of the $$, but my boyfriend is now cutting his own hair so maybe he could cut mine too??

Cherie said...

Very interesting... Your resolutions sound very familiar. It's funny how people with similar personalities tend to gather towards one another. I bid you good luck.

Heather said...

Oh! We should trade art, friends. Sometimes we get tired of our own. ;)

Cassie said...

a very perfect list that mirrors my own thoughts for 2010.