i think i could "right-left-grand" in circles {or in squares for that matter} for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy


a few things i learned after our
square dance extravaganza new year's eve:
one: show up on time so you can learn the moves
{this one really pays off!}
two: wear a frilly skirt and boots
{since i misread the invite, i was not prepared...
missing out on twirling and dancing in socks resulted
in bruised underfoots!}
three: hootin'-and-a-hollerin' are irresistable,
especially during a right-left-grand!
four: dancing should be a regular on the weekends.

this was our professional caller, leland, from
a small central utah town.
he was a serious baritone.
our favorite song:
"you gotta have an ace in the hole."

something i must tell you about leland:
he's a newly-wed!
four months ago he married this lovely woman,
and she was kind enough to demonstrate
the difficult moves for us.

we were slow to start,
but after a few little lessons
and a few songs of practice,
we were pros!
twirlin', swingin', dosadoin', and yeehawin'

since my square was the first to arrive
we had more practice time,
and were basically the best square in town!!

if you can't tell by my hair,
i quite enjoyed the twirlin'

now, i must find a place here in town
where ceej and i can promenade to our hearts' content!


Color Me Green said...

wow that sounds like so much fun. i miss dancing!

bigBANG studio said...

1. you may have forgotten your twirly skirt but you DID wear a frilly-necked shirt.

2. they tell you that the early bird catches the worm. what they don't tell you is that he or she also has the best square because he or she learned the moves.

3. i grew up spending summers working on my great aunt's dude ranch in montana. i even left college for a year to pursue a serious interest in cowgirling. i wear my dancing boots dancing and my riding boots riding, and attend to that policy most stringently.

4. you two had the best new year's ever. i am living vicariously thought you. big time.

G said...

What a wonderful way to start the year... I think is a good sign. :)

Mo said...

umm...That was so damn fun.Love you.

Netti said...

I secretly wish I'd grown up in the cowboy and indian days. I've also always secretly wanted to square dance and whoop and holler. How fun!

L said...

If you do find a place here in town, please let me know. I'm not much of a dancer, but I do rather enjoy the square form.