'tis the season: at celia jane's {part one}


this is christmas eve circa 1950.
aunt connie on the left, my dear mother, dianne, on the right.
singing christmas carols on christmas eve.
aren't they so cute?!

grandpa newel always has a train around the tree.
the sight of it going round and round the presents
warms my heart.
{notice their tv...first one in the neighborhood, right mom?}

don't you love my mom's blue eyes?
we kids were lucky and inherited them.
it's the first thing anyone ever compliments me on.
i immediately tell them they are my mother's eyes.
{and those curtains! amazing!}

oh, the lovely celia jane!
red shoes, red lipstick, red nails all the time.
connie, baby margie, celia jane, and dianne.

the three sisters.
my mom is the only living sister.
it's really so sad that her sisters left us
at such young ages
{connie was in her 50's and margie was in her 30's}

i thought it was quite fun to see some
of the gifts they were given that year.

love the stockings hanging on the door
bulging with an orange at the bottom.
more vintage christmas photos to come in the next week!
hope you love them as much as i do!


Catherine Anne said...

Oh I love this post!!!

Cindy said...

i loved this post, too. the red shoes are fantastic and just seeing how things were back then is great. at the end of the day, not much different than now. there still is a sense of wonder, although our toys rely on a lot more energy beyond our own.

bigBANG studio said...

i'm with cindy re. the red shoes. cecelia's a pretty fab mama, huh?

i *love* when you post old pictures.

and i love your christmas spirit, my dear.

big hugs.

(oh and p.s. i made a little gift guide for the recessionary spender if you want to take a peek *or* if you have any suggestions for tomorrow's guide...)


Peck Family said...

Thanks, Ann Marie, for those pictures. How poignant to remember for me.
ps yes, the TV was the first, pretty fancy.

Blue Satin Sashes said...

Santa always put oranges in our stockings, too - just like he did for my mother and her sisters, who would have been about the same as your mother and hers when these photos were taken.