this is for those of you who have no idea what salt lake city is all about, and for those who miss the wasatch mountains


i am always surprised that when i tell
people i was born and raised in salt lake city
they have no idea it even snows here...
well it does. and it IS truly the best snow on earth!
{don't let ceej know i let that secret out!}

holly jo joined me on a little photo shoot 
yesterday morning. i had hoped to get up to the lake...
but it seems that i have already forgotten
how much snow we get here...
needless to say, we didn't get all the way to the lake.
too much snow.
we were not prepared...or at least, 
i wasn't willing to haul five, yes five, cameras
all that way without skiis to bring me swiftly back 
down the mountain.

mt. superior.
such a majestic mountain she is.
i'll never tire of this view.

you can't match the consistency of this snow.
it's perfect in every way.
we prefer it to any other white stuff we've ever skied.
you should come try it. you won't regret it!

isn't holly jo so cute?
she was such a good sport to join me.
we were warm while walking,
but when i had to stop for 20 minutes
to use the graflex
it got cold, cold, cold!


holly jo got some photos of me
with all the gear i had to haul up:
the graflex
film cartridges for 4X5's
3 lenses
extra coat

the view is amazing.
it's like nothing i've seen.
i've decided that little cottonwood canyon
is by far the most grand, yet intimate canyon i've
ever been to.
it's that contrast that gets you:
totally awe inspiring, yet so accessible.

i only took two shots with the graflex
because that's all i could suffer through.
my fingers just stopped working.
loved it.

we took a few polaroids,
but it was so cold
the chemicals weren't reacting...
so we took matters into our own hands,
and breathed our warmth on them.
it worked!
{i'll show you the polas later}

what do you think of my home city now?
i hope you like it.
because i'm smitten in love with it.

{photos of me by holly jo. all other photos by me. ocotober 2009}


holly jo said...

holy moly, just looking at those photos makes me cold. what a great morning it was. i'm glad i came along, it was worth the shiver.

Nicole said...

Ah, I love these pictures, I am so sad we'll be without a winter now that we are in Houston. You really can't beat the mountains and weather in Utah.

Netti said...

The Cutest dang snow bunnies I ever did see.