my mom deserves the best birthday ever!


all of you know how much i love & admire her.
but i'll tell you again.
she is wise, kind, hilarious, 
honest, simple, solid, true.
she has been the best mom i could have asked for...
better than if i could have hand-picked her myself.
and, of course, she's absolutely beautiful.

{this is my mom getting a ride from her sister, connie}

some of the best things i've learned from my mom
are said in this poem written by an ancestor of mine:

learn to like what doesn't cost much.
learn to like reading, conversation, music.
learn to like plain food, trees, brooks, hiking, rowing, climbing hills.
learn to like people, even though some of them may be...different from you.
learn to like work and enjoy the satisfaction of doing your job as well as it can be done.
learn to like the songs of birds, the companionship of dogs.
learn to like gardening, puttering around the house and fixing things.
learn to like the sunrise and sunset, the beating of rain on the roof and windows, and the gentle fall of snow on a winter's day.
learn to keep your wants simple and refuse to be controlled by the likes and dislikes of others.

happy, happy birthday mom!

love you.


Summer also knows as the krazy cake lady said...

How beautiful are the pics of your mom! what a beautiful family. Taylor thinks she is so funny and always tells me her jokes. Welcome home it is fun this snow stuff!

holly jo said...

what a great birthday tribute! I love old photos like these. how exciting that you are here! let the real partying begin.

Liz said...

happy birthday mama!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Dianne! You are loved indeed:)

Megan said...

That last picture of your mom...I looked at it and thought she was about fifteen. Then I saw you and your sisters. She is certainly loved around here! My girls adore her.

Joanna Goddard said...

what sweet photos!