July, Baseball, & Kids


Though the first day of summer is officially June 21st, I don't feel that summer is really here until July...especially with the celebrations of Independence Day.

I've always thought that an ideal Independence Day would end with going to a baseball game, eating a hot dog (since it's not really meat anyway, right?), and watching fireworks from my seat in the stadium. Why does it seem like my grandparents' generation had it all right? Simple lives, work hard, play outside, grow gardens, help neighbors, have socials, sew clothes, waste not. I go crazy with the nostalgia of it all.

The first photo is a photo of a Boston Red Sox player that I found on the Library of Congress's Flickr site. I think the ideal 4th of July celebration would include a celebration in Boston (where most of the "rebels" were in the late 18th century), having a social/picnic, making your way to a Sox game, eating a hot dog, watching fireworks, and singing along to the Star Bangled Banner.

The second photo is of my grandma, Celia Jane, playing baseball in the street outside her childhood home in Salt Lake City. She and her brother would always play after church on Sunday--to the dismay of her very pious father. Celia Jane always loves a good time and a good laugh.

The third photo is, again, of Celia Jane with her siblings, cousins, and neighbors. THIS is a definite July photo. All the kids gathered around a table outside for a little party. My favorite is the kids using a wagon for a bench.

What will we do when the Greatest Generation has passed? I hate to think of it.


Liz said...

They are the all American kids for sure! I guess we better learn from them and keep the traditions and lifestyle going on and on.

Dianne said...

I, too, wish for the life-style of those early days. But I think Liz has it right when she says we need to keep those traditions going. We can do those simple things today; maybe not the exact same activities; but with something close. This is one of the reasons it is hard to have most of my children move away. If you were all here, as they were then, we could have our own baseball games and go to the park to watch fireworks, etc. Now, we are scattered all over the country. But I haven't given up. I think one day we will all gather back together.

Dee said...

OH my! I looooove old pictures! AND dreaming about the old days! CAN'T get enough of it! Celia Jane! What a beautiful name!
I'm SO tempted to eat a hot dog this time of year!