Ah, the Universe


I am having one of those days, which are coming more often, when I am just amazed at how everything continues to be connected. Everything. It amazes me that within myself there is a universe as well. Everything follows ancient laws. I am living more and more in the moment. Of course I still find myself dreaming of all the "some day's"...some day when I have a house, some day when I have a garden, some day when I can travel to Waternish on a whim, etc. But I am also finding contentment in my everyday, now, life. I am loving the experience of living in a cheap apartment in a noisy part of town that can keep me up at nights. I am accepting the fact that my oven doesn't work at all really. I am living the story of my dreams...remember when we lived in that apartment that had a mouse now and then and the oven burned everything you put into it? All of this is part of my dreams. When I get a house I will enjoy it that much more.

I went off on a tangent there. My point is is that the Universe is conspiring to make our dreams come true. Day to day I find something that inches me closer and closer, but at the same time I feel that I am there. Already. I might not have my dream job now, but it is part of my dream to be in search of my perfect job. I am resolving today to let the Universe work its magic as I do what I can at every moment.

The photo is of Omega Centauri...a cluster of stars, a nebula. I love nebulae. It is an awe-some symbol of death and rebirth.


Natalie said...

I've always loved how you word things! Way to have a positive attitude as well. That is totally something I need to do better at. Appreciate the nows and not always be looking forward to the laters! Love ya!

Dee said...

YES, amen to all that! I was just emailing a friend about the universe and how much it wants all our dreams to come true. The only thing in the way is ourselves.
I used to get down about things and a friend told me how much her mom now loves the memories of when she and her dad were so poor. It's all part of the grand picture. I SO agree!