In my journey to connect body, mind, and spirit there is something that I have neglected in healing my body: skin care. Growing up amidst the brothers, and being quite the tomboy, skin care was never talked about. Now that I am in my late 20's I figure it's time that I nourish the skin that is holding me together, and protecting me. However, with all the advertising out there for different products it's hard to know what really works, and what is really needed. So I'm asking for any one's input here. What products do you use that you have seen real results? Toners? Foot scrubs? Anything! Maybe it's all in your diet? Do you drink lots of water and stay away from refined sugars? Here's to the beginning of healing the physical, yin side of me.


holly jo said...

Ann, I have no idea what is good for skin. However, when you find out I need to know. For real. My skin has been burned so many times it needs a little help.

Anonymous said...

Ex foliating scrub or soap followed by a toner followed by a moisturizing lotion. Each should be tuned to your skin type (i.e. dry, sensitive, oily...).
I use coal face soap or herbalism, tea tree water, and imperialis ... lush products. All for oily skin. I know lush is expensive and there isn't a store in utah but its all quality vegetarian and vegan aromatic fun!
I feel like a sales person.

Liz said...

I use proactive because I used to breakout, and guess what, it really works! I also use Lancome night cream and eye cream- I like those a lot. Also, remember to get facials regularly!

Linds said...

I use cetaphil gentle cleanser at night. My mom's company sells really good skin care products which I use. It consists of a toner, hydrating serum, moisturizer and a sun screen like product (the label fell off so I don't know exactly what it is.) You can only buy it through the company I believe, so it you're interested I can get you prices. But I recommend at least using a cleanser and toner.

ali said...

I only use Cetaphil, and it's all I've ever used. I'm afraid to switch because of what might happen.

Due to adult acne, I've been having these same questions. All I know about skin care is: there is no such things as too much spf. I'm onto Neutrogena spf 70 these days. I think your skin is the first thing to make you look old, so you best protect it!

Daniela said...

I'm 45 and have really dry skin. I have used Oil of Olay for years. I couln't use anything else. I've used those expensive products, but nothing works as well. Everyone says I look like i'm in my early 30's. Oil of Olay baby!

Lane said...

Aaah, I constantly confront this question--there is so much stuff out there, and it's so expensive and half of it seems like snake oil.

I also like Cetaphil, cheap, simple, and dermatologist-approved. I have to second Ali on SPF, which is the BEST thing you can do for your skin. I love Neutrogena Dry SPF, which comes in 75!

My secret luxury is Kiehl's products, I looove the Milk and Almond scrub, and the SPF moisturizer. But I think Neutrogena's is just as good.