What's Your Vote?


Perth, Australia.
01. A truly amazing adventure and opportunity
02. Travel to places like: New Zealand, Thailand, Bali, etc.
03. I can take online classes from the U forever! (until they kick me out)
04. We get to sell our excuse to start doing our part in saving our earth.
05. We get to meet new people.
06. No corn syrup in our food!
07. Beaches: snorkeling, surfing, and relaxing
08. New yoga community to learn from.

Perth, Australia
01. $2200/roundtrip plane ticket = no visitors!
02. $5000 for a Christmas visit home
03. Missing big important family events
04. Giant bugs that I don't know even exist!
05. What do we do with our furniture?!
06. How do you move to another country?
07. I have to leave my books here in storage!

Salt Lake City, Utah
01. Free Rent! CJ and I can stay in our apartments as managers for free!
02. I have many yoga teaching opportunities already lined up.
03. I can finish school whenever
04. There are some seriously good investments here for us...only if we stay here though.
05. We'll sell our car anyway...we just have to figure out how to get to Sandy for Sunday dinners.
06. Travel: We could go anywhere, including Europe!

Salt Lake City, Utah
01. We're too comfortable here.
02. We'll miss out on an Australian adventure.
03. Too many distractions here.
04. What if...


Liz said...

I vote for SLC, but that's because I want my kids to be able to play with their cousins (when I have kids.) And because if you leave me- it will only be me! I can't move everyone by myself.

Ann Marie said...

Ok. I'll consider that...but since CJ did mention getting paid for all that moving - just kidding. If we did go to Australia it would only be for about 2 years, and I don't think you or I will be having kids that soon anyway.

Lane said...

Go on an adventure while you're still young and don't have kids and don't care if you're broke!

I say this as I sit in my rental apartment, with no real estate to speak of (no anything to speak of--I don't even own a car), well past the age of 30. It's awesome!!

Seriously, though. You don't have to be a totally responsible grown-up yet, you have the rest of your life for that. Do it!

Ashley A. said...

Woah, when did Australia enter the picture? and never say never when it comes to visitors. If you live there they WILL come.

zlb said...

i am already planning a trip to australia to visit another ex-pat friend. totally do it. two years is really short. like a mission. you could look at the southern cross every night.

Courtney said...

Don't let your Mom read this, but I think a few years away would be great; a good career move, a fun adventure, and lots to learn. But, I understand the SLC appeal. Maybe being gone for a few will make it easier to come back and stay forever. I think you'd get a few visitors, and I'm sure we could think up something to do with your furniture!

amy said...

ann, i didnt know you were considering moving to australia- i had a dear friend move there when we were all about twenty and we havent seen him since! i think people love australia. or at least he does.

why australia? why perth?

amy said...

also, i forgot to mention, the photos on your blog are really beautiful. really really beautiful, actually.

Ordita Teton said...

i found your blog just now and saw this post.
i lived in Perth, only for 2 months though, but I think it's one of the most boring places, ever.
It's beautiful, that's true.
But it's way too problem-free :)

You might have some ties though, I don't know.

Either way,
I hope your decision will make you happy!

Ann Marie said...

Really? Everyone we talk to LOVES the place. We're thinking Sacramento, CA these days anyway. So maybe it's all for the best.