It finally hit me...hard.


Indeed I have known of very few men who are as loving, generous, real, optimistic, and charitable as was Gordon Bitner Hinckley. I think I was in shock that he died last didn't sink in until I watched his funeral on TV at my mom's. I realized that he was a sort of "father" to me as I came of age in this church. If only all children had fathers like this man...
My Uncle David shared some words that the prophet gave to a large group of college students: " Pres. Hinckley gave at the dedication of the Hinckley Building. I wish you could have been there. I wish you could see the DVD. After President Hinckley says “I love ya . . . I love you kids . . . .” he can’t speak. Slowly, noticeably, he loses his composure, begins tapping on the pulpit to control his emotions, but cannot. He then cries as he continues . . . “you wonderful young people of this church. I love ya.” From this point the mantal of the Lord rests upon him, and he teaches and encourages and promises the “young people” of this church (everyone younger than him, I think) how to live in faith."
I love the last verse of a hymn he wrote, My Redeemer Lives
Oh, give me they sweet Spirit still,
The peace that comes alone from thee,
The faith to walk the lonely road,
That leads to thine eternity.

The most touching part of the whole thing was the lone piper playing "Praise to the Man" at his graveside.

Later today CJ and I are going to walk up to his grave (it's just a couple blocks away) and set there a bouquet of thistles...indeed, PRAISE TO THE MAN!


Anonymous said...

Th more I have thought on Pres. Hinckley's life and characteristics, the more I have thought of the great and consistent effort he put into his life to develop the God-given qualities that are in each of us. He spoke of the "day of decision" when he knelt in praying, telling the Lord that he did want to forget himself and get to work, but he would need the help of the Lord. Since that day, since that time, he has worked to "cultivate" those qualities he has encouraged us to develop. I think of how often the terms of gardening describe the work the brings us the greatest happiness.
Love, Mom