a day when we tried to squeeze everything in: san francisco


mom & sister arrived friday.
we walked along the river, met cj, ate pizza, drank hot cocoa,
watched the fantastic mr. fox...all in prep for our big saturday extravaganza.

saturday morning: davis farmers' market, ferry building in san fran, alta plaza park,
gelato, la boulangerie, lots of walking, lots of driving.

the ferry building.
this place was oh so crowded.
first things first: we found something to eat.
{by the way, this little trip was all about food}.

we ate at a little japanese place inside the ferry building.
we were all getting "hangry" from the traffic coming into town.
sister appropriately bought some yummy chocolate.

mom & sister posing in front of the bay bridge.

sister and me acting completely silly.
we're good at that.

sister's "this is it" pose.

sister had to stop and smell the flowers...face first.

sister claims she doesn't like camping,
but according to this photo she loves climbing trees...
i think there's a tree-hugger in her after all.

sister and me on our way to get more food.

la boulangerie.

photos from the ocean.
{and more food}.


Camilla Leila said...

how completely and utterly wonderful. such beautiful women you all are!!

glad you had a lovely day!

Dancing Branflake said...

I love the Ferry Building! Did you go to the Chocolate place? And I love the Japanese restaurant... everything is so fresh.

Great photos! I loved every single one of them.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are lovely. You all look so happy.


thais. said...

all the pictures are amazingly beautiful but the first one is SO incredible! it looks like lots of love and fun between you all.

Paige said...

what a great day! I think I spied some sharffenberger in one of those photos :) i love their chocolate, they have a great restaurant at their factory (in berkeley, if i remember correctly).

p.s. I gave you an award on blog...check it out :)

Tonia said...

San Francisco looks wonderful: i Will get there! Isn't there a tree hugger in all of us?

Teresa said...

Oh how FUN!

kelly ann said...

what a lovely adventure! :)

Lance said...

i hope you and ceej are going to be around sac town in may. ali and i will be there may 19th-23rd.

Anonymous said...

that tree climbing photo is marvelous!

enjoy your day :)

xo Alison

Bridget said...

umm i like your blog lots.